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Genre: Action Spel, Indie, RPG
Utvecklare: mjölksten Studios
Utgivare: mjölksten Studios
Сайт разработчика: http://www.milkstonestudios.com
Язык интерфейса: Мультиязычный ,Английский
Plattform: PC

OS: Windows XP / 7/8
Processor: Dual Core processor
Minne: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 10 capable hardware
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hårddisk: 800 MB ledigt utrymme

Ziggurat - dungeon crawling FPS с случайно генерируемыми сценариями и событиями. Вас ждут десятки опасных врагов, крутые боссы и множество мощных заклинаний, которые Вам помогут в покорении Башни Зиккурата, но с начала их надо найти и изучить.
I början av augusti, utvecklarna visade Ziggurat i spelet visar Gamelab 2014 i Barcelona. Spelet kan försöka lite mer än 100 personer och utvecklare överraskade ett faktum. Один из базовых врагов, которого игроки могли встретить повсеместно на уровнях Ziggurat, кокатрикс (василиск), оказался в 4 раза опаснее чем этого ожидали ребята из студии Milkstone Studios, убил в общей сложности 34 игрока. Легко не будет точно!
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Lista över förändringar

Update 16:
• Fixed checkbox telling on what difficulty you've won the game with each character being shown when the character is still locked.
• Mitigated some FPS spikes that were introduced in Update #14.
• Fixed wand card descriptions.
• Added Hungarian language
• Improved state effect shaders so it doesn't look weird when enemies are moving.
• Cockatrice: Increased threat value to better reflect their performance
• Slime / Green slime: Reduced threat value to better reflect their performance
• Necromancer: Reduced threat value to better reflect their performance
• Flying armor: Reduced damage inflicted by fire
• King Blob: Reduced damage inflicted by area attack and big projectiles.
• Examiner Cepheus: Increased health
• Scarab Staff: Reduced mana usage
• Staff of Atlantis: Increased mana usage
• Viper fangs: Reduced mana usage
• Dark Cannon: Reduced fire rate and damage
• Porcupine bomb: Reduced fire rate, Increased mana usage, reduced number of spikes per grenade
• Dragon's Bile: Increased mana usage
• Mana Burst: Reverted to triple mana usage
• Enraged: You no longer lose health when selecting this perk.
• High Stakes: Increased chance of success.
• Bloodlust: Reduced a bit effectiveness.
Update 15:
• New Level 1 Boss: King Blob (name's not necessarily final). It'll probably need a bit more balancing, it's probably easier than the other L1 bosses right now.
• Each character has now a slightly different wand (still weaker than most standard weapons).
• Added sounds to the alternate fires of some weapons
• Your current health / mana numbers are shown in the character details screen
• Fixed some issues with water reflections that were introduced in the previous update.
• Added a warning when trying to start a new game, and there's a saved game.
• Other minor bugfixes
Update 14:
• All weapons have now a secondary fire mode (Right click by default). It's usually a stronger variation of the attack, or a special shot that induces state effects.
• Some changes that should improve performance, specially on bigger levels. This may have caused some bugs here and there, please report if you find anything.
• A small improvement in water rendering performance on high levels of detail.
• Minimap icons are now properly shown when Rotate map is enabled.
• Added models, sounds and effects for the weapons added in the last update
• Bosses can now be poisoned.
• Increased poison damage over time
• Shrines won't be activated if you can't pay the price, instead of punishing you.
• Reduced number of Kobolds spawned by Poloko.
• Drops, weapons, etc shouldn't slide that much, so they won't fall into lava in Challenge rooms.
• Shielded Skeletons aren't allowed to be Green champions.
• Reduced a bit the damage hitbox for Shielded skeletons.
Update 13:
• Two new enemies: Slime and Green Slime
• 7 new weapons. Most of them are still in the works and haven't been properly balanced. Feel free to comment on the forums
• 5 new perks. Their card hasn't been drawn yet.
• Changed the way perks are selected on level up, now you may have to choose between two upgradeable perks.
• The mouse should be trapped while playing on windowed mode (only on Windows)
• Enemies on obelisk rooms can drop health items as in normal rooms (but not experience)
• Obelisks have less health on higher levels
• Fixed some ragdoll physics weirdness
• Should have improved performance a bit on specific situations
• Mouse buttons can be remapped
• Fixed some pending achievement issues
• Balanced enemies:
• Carrots: Reduced threat value
• Mini Golems: Increased threat value
• Skeletons: Increased threat value, Reduced fire rate
• Skeleton sentries: Increased threat value, Reduced fire rate
• Shield skeletons: Increased attack area and speed (still easy to dodge, but not as easy as before).
• Armor and Flying armors: Attacks at point blank aren't instantaneous.
• Demons: Reduced their homing attacks tracking power.
• Cockatrices: Reduced a bit hit damage.
• Fire Mortar: Increased damage area.
• Fixed some issues with obelisk particles
• Now weapons are shown on the character details screen
• New corridor variations
Update 12:
• Fixed Save & Quit not properly storing the current level.
• Reduced a bit the chances of bad effects in shrines.
Update 11:
• New high level enemy: Bone summoner, very dangerous. Probably too dangerous right now, be warned!
• Added a hint when you approach a shrine so you know what's going to happen
• Permanent shrine effects are shown on the player details screen
• Done some changes to character classes for better balance and differentiation
• State effects: Removed Burn state effect, adjusted some other weapons.
• Added a more visible indication that a drop is going to disappear
• Added an option to disable game tips (still not fully functional)
• Fixed some Amulet HUD bugs
• Improved sounds and visuals of many weapons
• Fixed some issues with the new achievements
• Changed how Regeneration perk works.
• Added lots of new shrine effects
• The number of kills required to unlock an entry in the bestiary is shown.
• Removed autosave and added a "Save & Quit" option between levels.
• Removed Attract mode.
• Increased drop rate when breaking decorations
• Challenge rooms with moving platforms have now more stones and logs in the lava so it's easier to go back to the start.
Update 10:
• New room type: Shrine rooms. On these rooms, you may pray the gods for assistance, and offer a health / mana sacrifice.
• Added state effects, such as freeze, poison, fire, etc. to some weapons.
• New perks and amulets
• Flying enemies now use pathfinding, they shouldn't get stuck that usually.
• Increased the amount of perks initially unlocked.
• Added more achievements.
• Reduced a bit New Game+ difficulty
• Changed "New Game+" to Hard, to better reflect its actual meaning.
• Improved visuals of Skeletons.
• Amulets have now its own 3D model.
• Changed amulet icons on the HUD so they are similar to the weapon icons.
• Improved boss intros with particle effects and sounds.
• Added a few new rooms.
• Fixed minor issues with the amulet HUD
• Added new Lore texts
Update 9:
• Исправлено перемешивание названий модификаторов комнат "Выдохся" и "Адреналин";
• Исправлен неправильный эффект модификаторов комнаты "Красный/синий/зелёный кристалл";
• Исправлен неправильный эффект модификатора комнаты "Двойник";
• Исправлен эффект модификатора комнаты "Инкубатор", мешавший врагам подходить на расстояние атаки.
• Исправлены проблемы с поиском пути, вызывавшие падение FPS в новых комнатах мостов;
• Бег можно отменить нажатием A/D (или похожими);
• Исправлена неверная работа экрана выбора персонажей;
• Улучшена графика скелета с щитом;
• Змеиный посох - немного уменьшена скорость снаряда, немного увеличен разлёт выстрелов;
• Огненный миномёт - увеличена дальность выстрелов;
• Череп Ксанатоса - уменьшен расход маны;
• Скелет - немного увеличен уровень угрозы для соответствия фактическому поведению;
• Красный скелет - немного увеличен уровень угрозы для соответствия фактическому поведению;
• Скелет с щитом - его атака теперь немного быстрее (всё ещё легко уклониться, если места много).
Update 8:
• 3 New enemies: Skeleton, Red Skeleton and Shielded Skeleton . They are not 100% complete on the art side, but should be playable.
• Room fights have now a chance of getting modifier that will heavily affect combat conditions.
• Added lots of new corridors between rooms, some of them with special surprises.
• New champion type: Invisible (similar to Mental difficulty in Serious Sam).
• Added a few new rooms.
• Improved lighting and visuals on Challenge rooms.
• Bosses should not regain health when respawning Minions (except Poloko)
• Improved a bit pathfinding. Not perfect yet, but enemies shouldn't get stuck on stairs that frequently.
• Minimap can be set to rotate with player in game options.
• Amulet charge is kept when you drop it and pick it up later.
• New amulets are found totally charged.
• Finished visuals and sound for the weapons added in the last update
• Improved models for moving platforms
• More tips and stats on the loading screen
• Character selection is sorted so unlocked characters are shown first.
• Last character and difficulty selected is saved.
• Lots of bugfixes
Update 7:
• Added Easy mode. It increases drop effectiveness and reduces the number of enemies on most encounters.
• Added New Game+, unlockable for each character. This mode has 6 levels and is way more difficult than the standard mode: Less experience, less drops, and more damage from enemies. It's probably too difficult, but we'll wait for user feedback before reducing it.
• Adjusted some amulet energy requirements to better fit their effects.
• Amazon,Sage and Golden amulets - They now give a decent amount of mana in addition to increasing fire rate.
• Fixed issue with Magnetic amulet and the Portal key
• Amulet effects are reset when switching levels.
• Changed spawn behavior so bosses aren't as vulnerable when spawning them.
• Boss Sir Arthur - Increased speed, reduced movement time, increased health
• Boss Gunkarr - Added some AoE damage to the sword attack.
• Boss Poloko - Now he recovers a bit of health when spawning enemies. Increased speed of his attacks. Removed some columns of the room so there's less cover from attacks.
• Boss Amanda - Increased leading time for attacks, increased health a bit.
• Boss Percival - Reduced a bit attack damage
• Boss Adam - Removed arcs that blocked AI pathfinding, now Adam can spawn Mini Golems too.
• Boss Ignus - Added more obstacles in the room.
• Boss Bastian - Increased speed of his short ranged attack, reduced attack delay
• Boss Examiner Cepheus - Many changes to increase difficulty: More speed, less delays, more attack variety...
• Added female voices for female characters (Bard).
• Added 3 new weapons - Skull of Xanatos, Flame Mortar, Serpent Staff. The art isn't fully done yet, but they should be playable.
• Increased number of standard rooms per level by 1.
• Changed Death Pact perk effect so it lasts a while.
• Perk selection screen cards are now shuffled.
• Fixed instancing issues, the game *should* run a little better.
• Added some decoration to challenge rooms, and fixed minor issues with them.
• Added new model for challenge reward item
• Improved visual and sound feedback for amulet interactions
• Fixed some grammar issues with texts.
Update 6:
• Weapon - Catapult of Doom: Reduced mana usage.
• Weapon - Fireweaver bombs: Increased mana usage.
• Weapon - Dragon's bile: Increased mana usage.
• Weapon - Divine wrath: Increasd damage and mana usage.
• Reduced Seer experience boost
• Enemy - Cockatrice: Increase a bit time between jumps
• Enemy - Basilisk: Slightly increase damage and reduce fire rate
• Enemy - Funghi: Slightly reduce health
• Enemy - Golem: Slightly increase health and threat value
• Enemy - Golem mini: Reduce damage
• Enemy - Orc: Slightly increase threat value
• Enemy - Armor: Slightly reduce damage
• Enemy - Demon: Reduce long range projectiles speed
• Enemy - Flying Armor: Reduce fire rate
• Increased trap damage on Hazard rooms
• Fixed ending sequence not starting properly
Update 5:
• New optional challenge rooms, with punishing platforming sections, and big rewards if you manage to get to the end.
• New feature: Amulets. They can be found in challenge rooms and treasure rooms, and have powers that can be activated by pressing the E key. Some powers last some time, such as double damage, and others are applied instantly.
• Currently the amount of amulets is a bit low and, although they are useful, their powers aren't that interesting. We plan on doing more amulets with more specific behaviors in the future.
• Bestiary should properly work now.
• Now you can switch to the last weapon you selected by pressing Q.
• View bob/zoom while sprinting can be disabled in game options.
• Reduced zoom out while sprinting on high FOV settings.
• Treasure boxes can now give perks, just like secret rooms.
• Improved the ending cutscenes.
Update 4:
• Added new Enemy: Funghi, a level 1 enemy with homing and poison cloud attacks.
• Added enemy champions that can have increased health, speed or damage.
• Added bestiary (not finished yet)
• Fixed obelisk health bar disappearing too soon
• Obelisk rooms now have to be cleared after destroying the last obelisk, instead of all enemies dying instantly
• Fixed "master of magic" achievement
• Increased experience drop lasting time
• Floor 5 is now shown as "Final floor"
• Additional images on the ending sequence (not finished yet)
• Mouse cursor now disappears when idle
• Button prompts now change dinamically depending on which controls you are using
• Big spike hazard room: Made the spikes in the central area faster to traverse.
• The ending stats and unlocks should now be properly seen after the ending sequence when completing the game
• Escape key isn't polled on the input map dialog (it's the cancel key)
• Removed "All" category from leaderboards (it made little sense to compare scores between different classes).
• Fixed "It's a trap!" achievement
Update 3:
• Исправлены проблемы полного экрана в OSX;
• Исправлен неработающий интерфейс настройки управления;
• Добавлен новый тип комнаты: обелиски. В них нужно уничтожить обелиски для прохождения комнаты.
• Проделана работа с улучшением производительности в толпе врагов, на уровнях церкви и замка (уровни 3,4,5);
• Похожее оружие не будет выпадать дважды за игру (но возможно, если открыто мало оружия);
• Добавлен новый предмет на очки. Очки "поднятых предметов" зависят только от них. Также влияет на сложность, так как здоровье и мана выпадают реже;
• Немного сбалансированы навыки (подробности на форуме);
• Добавлена кнопка "по умолчанию" на экране настройки управления;
• Добавлены новые двери в замке;
• Новые музыкальные композиции.
Update 2:
• New control customization screen
• Improved loading screens
• Increased amount of enemies on each room by ~25% (both total and maximum alive enemies)
• Reduced max number of enemies when there's only one type of enemy in the room by 15%
• More musics included
Update 1:
• Fixed black flickering when specific shaders were rendered (Heat distortion and Water)
• *Should* fix the problems when using a mouse with high polling rate
• Perk items on secret rooms have now a different look.
• Improvements on some visuals and particle effects (Eagle Staff & Catapult of Doom)
• Added some separators on the ending texts.
• Added some additional decorations on the castle theme (Level 5)

Ziggurat (1.0u12) / (2014)

Ziggurat (1.0u12) / (2014)

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