Dungeon of the Endless (v.1.0.43) (2014 / PC / Repack / Rus) by R.G. Mechanics torrent download

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Genre: RPG, Tower defense / 2D / Top-down
Developer: Amplitude Studios
Published: Amplitude Studios
Language: Multilingual
Crack: enclosing (ALI213)

Dungeon of the Endless - a mixture of genres and Rogue-Like Dungeon-Defense, in which the player (along with his team of heroes) must protect the generator from the wreck of the ship, while exploringrandomly generated dungeons, encountering waves of monsters and random events in search of a way ... so that everything can go very wrong ... we need only open the door!

The game - part of a series of Endless, Endless Space which is a continuation and prehistory to the Endless Legend.

Features repack:
- Version of the game - v 1.0.43
- Do not cut / recoded
- Sewn crack text of the Steam Community Team v1.0

- Refreezerator ship
- Kreyang (Drakken) hero
- Founder Pack

Gather a team.
Assemble a team of heroes, each - with their abilities (and strange) ... or die
Equip them gather and gain powerful abilities ... or die
Maintain a balance between the former prisoners from the ship and their guards ... or die
Discover the secrets and the purpose of each survivor ... or die

Rds its defense.
Use the collected dust you resource to provide energy to the room ... or die
Use rare materials to help his team to survive or die ...
Story major and minor units to cderzhat waves of monsters ... or die
Solve the mystery of the ruins of Infinity to open vital technology ... or die

Open the door.
Each door - is dangerous; prepare yourself and your team for everything ... or die
Explore endless fork and dead ends ... or die
Take away your crystal through waves of monsters to the exit of each level ... or die
With the battle to break through to the surface to reveal the secret of the Auriga ... or die

Alpha version:
7 characters
10 units (attack, defense, manufacturing)
random generation of dungeons - adapt, to survive and find a way out
46 items
7 types of monsters with different habits
Take away your crystal before the
System Save and Exit

Future content (beta and the final release):
Active and passive abilities your characters
Technology tree, which will allow to improve the modules with the help of science
Progress through the story and different starting units (heroes, the type of ship modules, power and so on. D.)
30 characters
new monsters
new environment (laboratory, various ecosystems, etc.)
new modules
new items
Background of the world and each of the characters
Tactical pause
and much more!

Features RePack:
Do not cut / no recoded 100%
Game Version 1.0.43 hotfix dated 22 January 2015.
Author repack-Animaniac

✔ Operating System: Windows Vista / 7/8 / 8.1
✔ Processor: 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent
✔ Memory: 2 GB
✔ Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT or equivalent
✔ Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX® 9.0
✔ Free hard drive space: 700 MB


Dungeon of the Endless (v.1.0.43) (2014 / PC / Repack / Rus) by R.G. Mechanics

Dungeon of the Endless (v.1.0.43) (2014 / PC / Repack / Rus) by R.G. Mechanics

Dungeon of the Endless (v.1.0.43) (2014 / PC / Repack / Rus) by R.G. Mechanics

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