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Publication Type: License
Genre: Tactic, strategy, RPG, Isometric
Developer: Metropolis Software House / TopWare Interactive
Platform: Windows XP / Se7en
Interface language: ENG / Crack
Tablet: Not required (DRM Free GOG)

System requirements:

Pentium II 266
64 MB of memory
3D accelerator

Installation Instructions:

Run the setup,install,play.If you wish to install one of 2 online,
first does of Pro-Western propaganda games "Odium" - "Gorky - 17"(very different in meaning from the original "forbidden zone") by checking the second,you will get a "Bitter - 18" in the voice of "Goblin".

In addition:

There are buns from GOG as a soundtrack,manual,artworks.
Crack collected - nelex.


"Gorky-17" — the most ambitious and difficult localization of the season '99.
Unlike foreign colleagues, with a focus on "hate, mixed with disgust" (the OFFICIAL SLOGAN of the AMERICAN VERSION), localization was retained originally by the developers sci-Fi spirit. Instead of some crazed monster and a giant clay machine-gun-distorted anger of NATO staff members here embody many levels of perception, the intense red color of alarm and emergency situation, the shadow of Soviet science in the form of a familiar five-pointed star, screen room on the armor of a military Armored personnel carrier, the official font of the title and a bit unstable, blurring the letters subtitle. The forbidden zone, it's war, a dangerous thing — but attracts and draws. Yes it is dangerous and not the usual bullet and Mina, but primarily for lack of originality, abnormally what is happening and a complete lack of idea of what to expect your small squad in the ruined monument of Soviet science...

The main hero of "Gorky-17", Nikolay Selivanov, is a complex but charming character. After playing for a while, You will feel that you identify with Nikolai and begins to share his feelings towards other characters and their surroundings. How is that achieved? It's very simple: the experience of battle combined with elements of surprise, exploration and adventure.

"Gorky-17" — a very unusual game. In it, developers have abandoned the old approach to the RPG, the classic pseudomelanosis, a huge number of characteristics and random attacks by monsters is much more interesting. The game is only partially linear, it uses a simplified system performance, simple user interface and original game concept. Great graphics, Hollywood storyline, the best ideas of the genres of fantasy and science fiction are just a small part of the approach used. Among other things, "Gorky 17" is a "Western" game with real characters, a fantastic story with a truly unique playability.

In a nutshell, it unifies the best aspects of different game genres. From adventure games borrowed elements of the study and search of a variety of items. Taken from the RPG factor in the development of characteristics, with a slightly simplified mechanics without the use of cumbersome statistics. The screen is not encumbered by the numbers — only the most important parameters of the hero available to the player. Characteristics a bit, but they all torrentgamesnet easy to understand (take aim). The strategic aspect is connected during the battle and really makes you think about how to survive in a particular battle. And, finally, the mass of three-dimensional characters, "charming" monsters, created using highly detailed textures and "skeletal-animation" technology. Add to that great graphics, wonderful music and You get "Gorky-17"!

"Bitter-18" — alternate translation of "Gorky 17". It's not a sequel, not an add-on, but rather a free interpretation, in a sense, the Director's cut. Support of the process: art. o/u Goblin.
It takes place somewhere in the wilds of the North Caucasus, on the territory of the military secret city of Gorky-18. In the city something terrible and incomprehensible, individuals go missing. And then for exploration send specially trained people, capable to solve any problem anywhere.
In the game "Gorky 18" there are no representatives of such minor organizations as the Ministry of emergency situations of Russia. But there are very serious military guys from the GRU. This is a weak-willed member first year of service Zelenkin, during the RAID and gaining experience under the guidance of senior colleagues becoming an excellent student of combat and political. Shoulder to shoulder with Zeleninym acts of a seasoned commando, ensign moles. Commands the scouts a stern veteran of the Armed Forces Colonel Vasin.
As the story of three brave scout rescue from the troubles of the missing secret in the city representatives of NATO, save the stupid correspondents, give trouble from stray bandit — almost devoured arrogant monsters real boy Vova, reveal the terrible secrets of the tycoons of the military-industrial complex. And, of course, the men of cold-bloodedly and ruthlessly destroy anything and everything that interferes with the normal operation of units.

Bitter 17 / Odium (1999) PC by tg

Bitter 17 / Odium (1999) PC by tg

Bitter 17 / Odium (1999) PC by tg

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