StarCraft Broodwar (1998 / PC / Repack / Rus) by (Crazyyy.) Torrent download

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Genre: Real-Time Strategy
Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment, Sierra Entertainment, Nintendo.
Language: Multilingual

StarCraft was going to release a long and painful - was delayed all the terms, the game changes significantly, presented on screen all the new and new form.'' Orcs in space '' - a phrase pristavuchaya certainly tormented developers seeking to move away from its copy as WarCraft 2.The very first screenshots '96 show Starcraft on the engine, the very WarCraft 2, and all the action, apparently, was to take place in space, diluted by small islands of land, floating in the void.

However, all these lengthy discussions about the possible fate of the game is not so important against the background of long-held release. Starcraft was a success, and not just a success, and was able to surprise, which is not the highest quality, and even a bona fide clones.
Attempts to introduce a number of different nations were before.Happened to see the difference and decorative side (as in the same Warcraft 2), the nation often differed radically only a couple of really other units, but so that other parties were literallyideologically - this probably happened for the first time in the RTS. Mysterious Protos from other worlds, with polunauchnym, semi-religious society.Native Terrans, not only released into space, but also good foothold there. And finally, the zerg - aggressive for any flora and fauna species, actively mushrooming all over the universe.Three fundamentally different sides of the conflict, with his tactics, his tricks, but it is perfectly balanced with each other.
The second success factor was a great story and well laid missy.And the story has evolved, not only in the dialogue between the action, a lot has happened on the battlefield, thanks to scripting inserts.All this is backed up by a curious technique - applying a single story in sequence on behalf of all three parties. I can not remember such an approach in some strategies to Starcraft, but it is easy to recall the numerous examples since.

The game became a cult by law to a successful and original design. The single-player story gave way to online battles, but everybody remembers Starcraft. And even as it is difficult to believe that the old man has already knocked 9 years

Features of the game "StarCraft + BroodWar":
Three unique races! The Terrans rely on solid armor, siege equipment, and nuclear weapons. Zerg use of biotechnology and quickly multiply a thousand ugly monsters fearless.Protos committed fantastic scientific achievements - power tools and power boards. Each party uses its own battle tactics, and to win, you have to master all the tricks!
Exciting plot! In this war, there is good and bad. Each camp is driven by its own interests and goals, which will sort out for you! Any character, on whose side would you happen to be, await insidious betrayal, danger and surprises.

Features RePack'a:
Audio Video 100
Do not cut
Game Version 1.16.1

System requirements:
- OS: Windows 95/98 / XP and higher.
- Processor: Pentium 100
- RAM: 16 MB or more
- Video Card: 2 MB or better
- Sound Card: Any
- Disk space: approximately 1.3 GB


StarCraft Broodwar (1998 / PC / Repack / Rus) by (Crazyyy.)

StarCraft Broodwar (1998 / PC / Repack / Rus) by (Crazyyy.)

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