StarCraft (RePack) (1998|Rus|Eng|Multi7) torrent download

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Genre: Strategy (Real-time) / Isometric
▪ Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
▪ Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
▪ Game version: 1.16.1
▪ Publication Type: RePack
▪ Interface language: ENG|RUS|UKR|GER|FRA|ITA|SPA
▪ Voice language: ENG|RUS|UKR|GER|FRA|ITA|SPA
▪ Tablet: enclosing

√ Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7
√ Processor: 90 MHz
√ Memory: 256 MB
√ Video card: with support for SVGA
√ Sound Card: DirectX compatible
√ Free hard drive space: 1.5 GB

One day in the near future, Earth has reached the limit of units. Spaceships with mothers of criminals zamorozili the near-earth space and rushed into the glorious future. In the heat of correctional labour, colonized his new planets, expanding the habitat of Homo erectus, originally built factories, revived the felling.
But, raspleskajte space, people have not forgotten about my main hobby - internecine showdown. Napadavshie fraction recklessly bashed each other in the fights for showing off. Universal happiness, it would seem, was already on the approach. But instead of happiness, on the approach was a fleet race, the Protoss, who for some reason radically bombed one of the colonies.
And while the people were thinking whether to enter for it sanctions, from alien cracks nicked the Zerg is another clearly hostile life form. Under the slogan "to Eat! To eat! Eat!" the contagion began to actively be fruitful, to multiply and to eat everything that fell under galki.

The time of diplomacy is over! Now is the hour universal dust!

• Good bunch of localizations in inscrutable combinations
• There is a demo version of StarCraft - not without reason, that the prologue of history
• There are additional campaigns: chance insurrection, Retribution, and Stellar Forces
• From the archives removed unused resources: the files of the original installer commercials
• You can not download any voice lng2_*.cst and additional campaign ext.cst
• Installation time 5 minutes

StarCraft (RePack) (1998 | Rus | Eng | Multi7)

StarCraft (RePack) (1998 | Rus | Eng | Multi7)

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