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Genre: Sandbox / Strategy / Action
Developer: Keen Software House
Publisher: Keen Software House
Developer website:
Language: Multilingual
Platform: PC

System requirements:
Operating system: XP the latest Service Pack, Windows 7, Windows Vista
Processor: Intel Core2 Duo 2.0 GHz (or analogichnyyAMD)
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT / ATI Radeon HD 3870 / Intel HD Graphics 4000
DirectX: 9.0c
Hard Drive: 2 GB free HDD space

Space Engineers is a sandpit for the construction and maintenance of space objects.Players can build space ships and stations of different sizes and destination, manage and extract resources. The game uses realistic physics engine: any object can be assembled, disassembled, damaged and completely destroyed.

Extras. Info:
Set the game to play

List of changes
Changes to 01,060,019
- Audio unit
- New skybox

- Fixed the loss of the position of the projection of the projector after a power loss
- Fixed an issue with the cooperation of collectors when resetting building on the main collector
- Fixed problem with antennas that worked as a shutdown after download
- Fixed timers, cockpits and other units that are not collected on the projection
- Fixed a crash because of the double-added facilities
- Fixed crash when saving the world in the remote control unit or camera, and then load it
Changes to 01,059,011

- Improvement of the projector
- Improving the collector
- Improving mwm viewer'a
- Added the ability to disassemble one subject in the collector
- The projector remembers the last view of the drawing, when turned on or off *

* Important Note: The projector can not be mapped to remember that the drawings. You will have to re-select the drawing for display. Thereafter, the function
It will work without problems.


- Corrections mwm viewer'a
- Landing gear is no longer detached
- The garbage is now examines only items from your inventory
- Fixed an issue where the icon turns red objects, despite the fact that the materials to build enough
- Fixed an issue where the collector unit is displayed for dismantling, rather than components
- Fixed an issue where the filter is not closed when you click the 'X'
- Fixed an issue where the projector is not to save the settings
- Fixed an issue where the drawing did not save group
- Fixed an issue where the projector continues to shine off
Bug fixes # 4

This is the fourth update designed to fix bugs.
However, we have also introduced the possibility of modding the sounds of weapons and the ability to attach
and detach the upper part of the rotor (so players can attach the upper part of the small rotor on the basis of a large rotor)

- Modding weapon sounds
- Added the upper part of the rotor and the possibility of attaching / detaching
- Improved simulation speed in different situations
- Improved sensors
- Improved lights
- Improved performance of discarded objects
- Improved performance when a meteor shower

- Fixed a crash during a remote control
- Fixed display of markers in other worlds
- Fixed an issue where not displayed camera name change
- Fixed crash when the completion of the garbage in survival
- Fixed a problem with too bright beacon on a small boat
- Fixed problem with glowing lights disconnected from construction
- Fixed a crash when using the camera
- Fixed crash when disconnecting design
- Fixed appearance of the lighthouse
- Fixed mounting base and the top of the rotor
- Fixed function keys "Y", which turns off the ability to manage through the cockpit kargoshipami
- Fixed remote control off after disconnecting connectors
- Fixed a reflection of the arc furnace
- Fixed incorrect message while using the cockpit at the station
- Fixed incorrect scope rocket launcher
- Fixed an issue where a rocket launcher and a rocket fired from the turret not each mine, and only fired from the center
- Fixed problem when rechargeable rocket launcher is not the message "Recharge"
- Fixed being able to drill the image of the ship during the copy / paste

Important NOTICE:
Due to several recent updates, Space Engineers may again ask you to allow them to vindous firewall.
If this does not happen automatically, and you are experiencing problems connecting, please add a firewall exception manually.

Bug fixes # 3 modding support turrets

This update includes a third series of bug fixes. Furthermore, we have changed the height of the piston unit with two and three blocks.
Due to this, the pistons need to become more stable. Another change (less important) is that we have reduced the missile range from 1000 to 800 meters.

- Change the height of the piston from two to three blocks. Due to this, the pistons need to become more stable.
(This change will not affect your past creations)

- Standard missile range reduced from 800 to 1000 meters.
- Fixed problems with the stability of the piston
- Spend improve collision of ships
- Fixed problems with the rotors
- Fixed an issue where players could not connect to the remote management, being attached to the landing gear
- Fixed an issue with a group of pistons in the toolbar
- Fixed an issue where the spotlight was a little to ourselves spotlights, and light only in one direction
- Fixed an issue where the player could not leave the remote control when the second player occupied the cockpit
- Fixed an issue where players set the unit holding the tool
- Fixed incorrect position of the camera cockpit
- Fixed an issue where it was impossible to remotely control the vehicle after setting or switch the setting accelerator
- Fixed an issue where the pistons are forced to rotate a small ship
- Fixed an issue where it was impossible to block canted light armor (crash textures)
- Fixed an issue where tag ProjectileTrailColor not give boot modes
- Fixed crash when revival in non-standard ship-respawn
- Fixed effect of the huge bomb blast in the small and large mines together
- Fixed a problem where the name of the lighthouse could be seen in the absence of power
- Fixed problem when inserting the drawings in the world
- Fixed crash when exiting the game menu
- Fixed minor issues with mods Viewer
- Fixed an issue where the radio antenna is always included after loading the World
- Fixed an issue where the lights jetpack came into the view of a third person
- Fixed an issue where missile launchers are not flying out from each mine, and appeared in the middle of the rocket launcher.
- New titles added to programmers

- Improved rotor (supported conveyor systems)
- Modding sounds

- Fixed memory leak characters asteroids reykast *
- Fixed model pistons have small ships
- Fixed problems rendering
- Fixed game crashes when you insert a drawing
- Fixed size of objects flying in space
- Fixed an issue with broken landing gear
- Fixed the lack of windows in the conveyor pipe
- Fixed crash when clicking on a fraction
- Fixed an issue where a player can not create a map with asteroids
- Fixed a problem with the bombings in the old worlds of the changed parameters of the rotor
- Fixed game crashes when you declare war or offer peace
- Fixed problem with spotlights illuminating the wrong space

* Reykast - term vision means a line about players using in games. Incomprehensible to mere mortals.
Adding new asteroids in the creative mode, it is now possible in space engineering. Players can choose the type of asteroid material, and then place it in the world. Another innovation is the scrap metal.When a component, object or block is damaged it is converted into scrap metal (percentage of scrap is random). Scrap metal can be melted in the factory for the creation of iron bars.In addition, remote control turrets were added. Players can now control the turret itself.

- Adding new asteroids in the creative mode (SHIFT + F10).
- Scrap (may be processed in the plant in iron).
- The remote control turret.

- Fixed animation hands when placing the unit.
- Fixed a bug with transparent asteroids.
- Fixed detector ore information are saved between sessions. (Not sure about the translation, if it is absolutely not true - correct in the comments.)
- Fixed wrong scale model of a large reactor.
- The closing of the G-menu with the death of another player.
- Fixed game hang because ModAPI IMyInventory.TransferItemTo.
- Fixed a crash due ModAPI CustomNameChanged.
- Fixed a crash due ModAPI ConfigDedicated.Load.
The drawings were added to the Space Engineers. Players are now able to save the ship or station as a drawing and insert it in a different world.
It was one of the most popular community features.

Drawings can be uploaded to Steam Workshop. They work only when the option is the world copy / paste is enabled.At this point, the drawings can only be used in a creative mode, but in the future they will be added and survival. Welder (ship and character) can put a block on the drawings.

- Drawings (F10, Ctrl + B)

- Fixed a reduction in the distance for the placement of objects in survival mode.
- Fixed issue where dead players can still remotely control the ship.
- Fixed a bug where belonging to another detector shows ore ore.
- Fixed MOD-API enumeration.
- Fixed crash when changing ownership.
- Fixed MOD-API - 147 script error in connection with "the process can not access the file because it is being used by another process."
- Fixed lock the cockpit after the remote control ship.
- Fixed - hand tools do not work when the remote control ship.
- Fixed reset the color palette.
- Redesigned Interface (It allows faster and easier to get what you need)
- Category modifiable interface
- Search units in inventory
- Added visualization of the range of the antenna
- Added the ability to build on the established players in the worlds (Only Creative, Shift + F10)
- The sensor can now detect the voxels (asteroids)

- Fixed crash when shooting rockets
- Fixed a crash related to the API (ConfigDedicated.Administrators)
- Fixed the problem of synchronization of damage blocks
- Fixed shifted animation jetpack multiplayer
- Fixed missing sounds welding polishing digging
- Fixed double spawn a player after the remote control ship
- Fixed a reset palette color selection
- Fixed incorrect display of asteroids after blasting
- Fixed API
- Fixed incorrect displays a screen in the cockpit of the 1st person
- Fixed a collector who collects objects with the speed 0
- Fixed search line interface
- Fixed crash when remote control
Added camera unit - now you can see what is happening elsewhere. Rotate the camera and remote control ships will be added next week.Added tags for mods in the workshop for a simple search. Now you can assign a production line.To this was added a block - arc furnace designed for the production of iron ingots. It is faster than the plant more efficient and less, but can be processed only iron ore.We also redesigned the card "quick start 2", and rebalance kargoshipy adding new technologies from the last update. We also gave the enemy an opportunity to create an identifier in your world, it will create a map for the passage. Finally, we have optimized the LOD.

- Camera unit
- Tags for mods
- The best conditions for the creation of mods
- "Arc Furnace" (Minifactory)
- Reworked "Quick Start 2"
- Converted kargoshipy
- Added indifikator enemy

- Improved performance of solar panels
- Improved performance of plants and assemblers
- Fixed when hacked unit destroyed their turrets
- Fixed problems with the connector when it is not collected items
- Fixed screens Information ships
- Fixed an issue where players could not remove blocks of the cells 2, 3 and 4 in the toolbar

- Fixed crash when splitting ships
- Fixed crash when status of faction member changed
- Fixed crash when entering / leaving cockpit
- Fixed crash on 32-bit caused by loading hi-quality textures (out of memory)
- Fixed crash when pressed F11 in main menu
- Fixed crash when switching character in medical room
- Fixed crash when changing rotor parameters
- Fixed crash caused by pistons
- Fixed crash caused by loading invalid definitions from original content or mods
- Fixed Gravity generator values ​​stuck at maximum regardless of settings

The Space Engineers added Spherical gravity generator, new starter ship and more support for modding. Most of the problems in the multiplayer fixes including rotors, pistons and landing gear. So the improved performance of the game.

- Generator of spherical gravity
- New options for dedicated servers - the interval autosave
- More starting ships
- High-quality textures for your reservation (on 64-bit versions)
- Export of ships / stations via the debug menu (F11)

- Improved stability of the rotors and pistons
- Fixed explosion piston rotor and landing gear in multiplayer
- Fixed a large performance problems with asteroids
- Fixed too large model clashes pistons
- Fixed an issue where the loss of the unit loses possession of the ship
- Fixed chat window off dying in survival
- Fixed a problem when the toolbar is not maintained
- Fixed disappearance of groups in the system after undocking
- Fixed the problem of deformation of the arms and legs astronaut using mods.

Now you can remotely control functions of the control panel and inventory if ships / stations are within range of antennas to each other. The range of dishes is taken into account.Open the Control Panel to see it (drop-down menu at the top), or press Shift + K. The new "Button Bar" allows you to perform actions like an astronaut from the toolbar and assign these actions to a simple press of a button model in the game.
We also added the option of glass for mods, model particle materials asteroids and Crew armor. In recent years, we have added a sound notification if the level of health or energy approaches zero.

- Terminal remote control
- Panel of buttons for ships and stations
- Audible alarm at low health and energy
- Support for mods: custom shells, particle model, materials asteroids border armor
- Improved drawing of glass and modding (more parameters, color, custom texture, etc.)

Hyde transparent materials for modders:

- Fixed autosave on dedicated servers (a few days ago in the 042 hot fixes)
- Fixed crash when user-transparent material
- Fixed inability to remove some of the worlds mods
- Fixed disconnection of the pistons in the undocking of the two ships
- Fixed ignore turrets block bait
- Fixed incorrect display of the names on the toolbar in the cockpit
- Fixed texture bent pipe conveyor
- Fixed rassharivaniya fractions
- Fixed difficulty walking on surfaces
- Fixed missile blew
- Fixed a slowdown in free flying objects
- Fixed crash when creating a control panel
- Fixed an issue where uranium ingots do not pass through the pipeline
- Fixed a crash after installing custom blocks
- Fixed crash when removing the generator of gravity
- Fixed a small area of ​​damage accelerators
- Fixed bug when server connections are no longer available

- Fixed autosave issue when stopping DS which was run as service

- Added support for custom animations in passenger seat!
- Added world border warning to creative
- Fixed color slider
- Fixed piston settings
- Fixed assembler sound issues
- Fixed broken collector
- Fixed catwalk crashes
- Fixed sounds crash
- Fixed automatically activated autolock on landing gears
- Fixed small thruster damaging heavy armor
- Fixed crash when placing new ship / station
- Fixed crash when building motor or piston
- Fixed crash when building
- Fixed mirroring (big thanks to modders!)
- Fixed loading textures from mod root

Players can now download straight from the fashion Steam Workshop. Fashion attached to the world; This means that everyone can have a world of its own set of mods.And that's not all - client automatically downloads any fashion when joining the server modes. As a bonus; We will also add character animation accessible through the Tools menu, a small access panel, the permanent rotation of the gyroscope units and bridges. Enjoy!

Note: If you overwrite games in the past, please delete all files + Check the cash games.

Hyde modes -

- Support and integration of mods steam workshop
- Startup mods when joining in multiplayer
- Modified by the flame accelerators
- Added character animation via the toolbar
- Added access panel
- Added the appointment of rotation of the gyroscope
- Added more types of units bridges
- Added debug screen for the mods (F11)

- Fixed visible and invisible cargo ships
- Fixed inability to hide the interface after switching to the form of the 3rd person
- Fixed autosave on dedicated servers
- Fixed the loss of ownership of the ship at the first death, saving / loading
- Fixed spawn on their mel.komnate even if the final death
- Fixed menu, the owner of the ship zabagovannuyu
- Fixed hotkeys
- Fixed problems with the removal of the rotors
- Fixed getting stuck in the cockpit and fly at an output
- Fixed inability to create new ships / stations
- Fixed bug when saving the world when loading
- Fixed a problem when the turrets were noisy even when off

- Control units via the toolbar
- Shooting guns on the rotors and pistons
- The set of toolbars
- Confirmation on again save the world while leaving the world with autosave

- Reduce the load on a network channel for the movable objects
- Reduced the total load on a network channel (when players are sitting in the vehicle and do not do anything)
- Fixed a crash due to Vsync
- Some bugs Reading
- Fixed the excessive fragility of the pistons
- Fixed bug with copying pistons
- Fixed a problem when the piston is inserted without the top
- Fixed a problem with the physics of the piston
- Fixed on the energy independence of the piston
- Fixed a problem when the piston has not worked during the conversion platform in the ship
- Fixed crash when connecting to the bottom of the piston of the freight container
- Fixed an issue where the tip of the piston fell off the dock at the docking unit
- Fixed crash when the chain pistons
- Fixed fouling reverse brake piston
- Fixed an issue where when you click "No" when you exit from the world, saving is still going on
- Fixed an issue where custom color is not saved when you exit from the world
- Fixed the price of rechargeable battery called "sprints"
- Fixed 1x1 wheel falling off after docking
- Fixed a problem when the explosion did not damage on dedicated servers
- Fixed rotor flying away in the air during the docking
- Fixed when you are deleting multiple blocks in the symmetry of the sound was too loud
- Fixed when a charged battery is still consumed energy
- Fixed crash when the "" was written in the search bar
- Fixed turrets pointing at objects dvizhuemye
The Space Engineers added pistons - they can be used for construction machinery expanded. Just factional leaders can enable auto-approval for new members.Players can now see an alert at the interface when someone breaks their ship (except reservation).Accelerators can now be used without the cockpit - a terminal that allows you to create missiles with warheads kontromery of turrets, small drones are able to make out the enemy ship.Added hangar door; she armor, but thinner, so that it can penetrate armor between two units (very useful for hangars).

- Pistons
- Fractions: Enable / disable auto-commit the entrance of new members
- Notification of hacking
- Boosters can be operated without the cockpit - in terminal
- Blocks the hangar door (4 types, the strength will be balanced in the lyrics. Updates)
- The height of the rotor
- Automatic mode for batteries

- Fixed an issue where a player can not leave the spawn screen
- Fixed a bug with the texture of the large antenna
- Fixed a loss of synchronization at the helm wheels
- Fixed lag when changing batteries in charging mode
- Fixed some causes endless death
- Fixed problems with the filter multiplayer
- Fixed a problem where the installation of the landing gear / block new station or ship without resources in survival mode, this unit is completely built
- Fixed display unit during installation mode from the 3rd person

Added battery pack and a new energy component.Transmission of communications can now go from the antenna to the antenna; the enemy signal will be visible to other friendly players through a network of antennas. You can join the ships through up in a creative mode, and we also added customer retention and ultimate death in the setting of the world.

Important: we are still working on a new communications system, it will be added in future updates.

- The battery pack for small and big ships
- Solar panels are now slightly cheaper and much more effective
- The transfer of communication (the signal can travel through the other antenna, you can receive the signal at any distance, the transfer may be limited by the player or the antenna signal)
- Antenna small ships has a radius of 5000 m
- Copy / Paste to existing ships
- The new configuration of the world: to enable / disable saving the client
- The new configuration of the world: the final death can be turned off (the client keeps all that he had, after respawn)
- Strip the corpses is now possible via the "K"
- Added antenna runoff ships

- Fixed crash when creating a faction
- Fixed crash when exiting fraction
- Fixed connection icon request
- Fixed attack the turret of his ship
- Fixed an issue with spawn
- Fixed bug with inventory
- Fixed crash when loading a 1x1 wheel world
- Fixed excessive energy consumption antennas / lighthouses
- Fixed passenger's seat
- Fixed at a constant death spawn in narrow places
- Fixed the lack of species from the 3rd person on the rescue ship
- Fixed when the player did not show the label when connecting to the selected player
- Fixed when the owner of the ship is not remembered on dedicated servers after him
- Fixed memory leak when minimizing the game
- Fixed spectator mode when booting from the workshop of the world
- Fixed the symmetry of floodlight

The Space Engineers added a steering wheel and control wheel. Players can now build and operate the machine. Each unit is visible in the control panel can now be displayed on the interface (included in the Control Panel). Also, some problems have been solved with the fraction (see below).

Note: wheel multiplayer is still in development and there are some things may not function.

- The steering wheel (in multiplayer is still in development)
- Control wheels through WSAD
- Adjust the speed of welding and cutting (in the settings of the world)
- The name and location of the blocks visible in the control panel can now be displayed on the interface
- New filter items in your inventory (you can hide the empty blocks)
- Search for games when joining a multiplayer game
- Computer hacking is now slower (not friendly sawing blocks slower than factional 3 times)

- Fixed some issues with the faction
- Reduced bandwidth in the construction of the line / layer
- Fixed radius and visibility beacon
- Fixed a problem when the server broadcasts a beacon killed
- Fixed a problem when the antenna is operated without energy
- Fixed red circle after respawn
- Fixed an issue where the range of the beacon is not maintained
- Fixed a problem when old saved the ships were not owners
The Space Engineers now available fractions. Players can create or join a faction, assign the owner of the ship's systems and share them.Owner blocks determined by the computer, so that if a player wants to capture the opponent's block, it is enough to rearrange the computers in a particular unit. The owner of the ship can also be selected manually. The blocks can be divided among the members of the faction or whatever.

IMPORTANT: Factions is still in development, and this is only the first update. There is still much need to add for next week (for example, instant messaging and communications) and fix many bugs / problems. We decided to release fractions now to have more feedback from the players.

- Fractions
- Ownership units
- Hacking foreign objects
- Sharing blocks
- Loot the dead engineers
- The ability to turn the ship when you insert the copied

- Fixed invisible reflection
- Fixed severe lags in some worlds
- Fixed a problem with access to the control panel of the passenger seat
- Fixed incorrect lighting of doors
- Fixed a problem with the server: net yield of preserving not working
- Fixed a problem when the freighters did not appear
- Fixed when the folder name has not been updated with the world through the "save as"
- Fixed crash due to the physics of asteroids
- Fixed a problem when you connect with the connector dumped grouping systems
- Fixed option copy / paste settings dedicated servers
- Fixed vanishing effect of accelerators
- Fixed problem with character animation tools and installation units
System Connection pipelines are now fully functional! Allows you to combine two ships to pass electrician, gives access to the control panel and the transfer of items. Also players can now choose your own color for the astronaut costume

- System Connection pipelines now works
- Choose their own colors for the astronaut
- passenger seat
- Copy-paste the ship together with designs on rotors
- Objects thrown through edzhektor have the same speed as the vehicle that emits them

- Fixed texture purple asteroids
- Fixed problems with hand drill
- Fixed an issue where cargo ships in the MP consume server memory and increase the Ping
- Fixed management group after joining ships
- Fixed an issue with the docking unit in which a dedicated server stopped
- Fixed a problem when you press Alt + Tab at the boot screen and boot screen was blank worlds
- Fixed a problem when connectors are not connected, if the ship is docked with another ship
- Fixed crash when connecting small ships
- Fixed texture pink on asteroids
- Fixed crash of a dedicated server when the socket has already been used
- Fixed a couple of problems when oil resources are not working
- When you start a dedicated server error message is displayed if the listening port is already in use
- Fixed a crash related to the inventory of the game
- Fixed a crash related games conveyor
- Fixed neremontiruemoy blocks
- Fixed corrupted sounds
- Fixed crash during the game recompiling shaders (custom skybox broke the game)
- Fixed crash when finding incorrect assembly during the run of the game
- Fixed big head collision model drill
- Fixed reflection glass 2x3

- Boer for a large ship
- Choice of color suit (in honey. Compartment)
- Observer Mode
- Option "window borderless"
- More features for dedicated servers
- Improved the mount point of the small cockpit
- Added the ability to take anything out of the system pipelines with a double-click

- Returned the old network code (Improvements will be later)
- Fixed white landing gear
- Fixed disappearance of non-cargo vessels
- Fixed a bug with the player instead of a nickname inscription "Unknown"
- Fixed the full energy absorption devices suit
- Fixed-block connector (docking unit)
- Fixed cockpit Room 3
- Fixed an uncontrolled creation of screenshots when the auto-saving

Observer Mode:
It can be enabled in the settings of the world
F6 - return to normal
F7 - tracking camera, object management
F8 - Free camera, camera control (the current mode of the observer)
F9 - Free camera, facility management

Dedicated server:
SpaceEngineersDedicated.exe -noconsole -path "D: Whatever Something"
-noconsole: will be launched without a black console window
-path: download the configuration and will save all files in the specified path
("D: Whatever Something" in example)

taskkill / IM SpaceEngineersDedicated.exe
This will stop a dedicated server correctly, preserving peace, etc.
is to stop immediately, add the argument "/ f", this will stop the server without being prompted to shut down and save the world

Space Engineers v01.077.005 (2015)

Space Engineers v01.077.005 (2015)

Space Engineers v01.077.005 (2015)

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