Space Hulk Ascension - Dark Angels (2015) (ENG / ENG) (L) SKIDROW torrent download

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Developer: Full Control Studios
Publisher: Full Control
Year: 2015
Publication Type: License [L]
Tablet: Is Present
Language: ENG
Sound language: ENG


Space Hulk: Ascension Edition - an updated version of turn-based strategy Space Hulk-2013.Initially, all the innovations Ascension Edition planned as DLC for the original, but in the end due to the many changes in the mechanics and the technical part of the developers have decided to make a new independenta game in which strive as far as possible to get away from the concept of "digital nastolki" which affects the original.The Ascension Edition appeared RPG-elements, such as the ability to set terminators experience with consequent improvement in their performance and visual customization.By the Blood Angels and Space Wolves join the Ultramarines. Updated single player game structure as a whole, it is now tied to the global map of the galaxy.


■ huge amount of content -103 unique missions in three campaigns;
■ new enemies - new varieties genestealers meet us in the bowels of the ship Space Hulk;
■ A new game mechanics - complete overhauls of mechanics and rules of the board game
■ customization - added RPG elements, skills and experience growth fighter (most likely, and equipment, and thus the selection of weapons and armor);
■ new weapons, more advanced cards, combining weapons;
■ ten times longer gameplay, approximately 50-100 hours of game time.


■ Set the mounted image
■ Copy the contents of a folder in SKIDROW games root folder replacing files.
■ Play


The Dark Angels!

This expansion also adds a new campaign playable for all existing chapters.

Playable Dark Angels Chapter
Plasma Cannon weapon option
Exclusive Apothecary class
3 new psychic spells
Bringer of Sorrow Campaign with 20 New Story Missions and 20 Flash Missions

Space Hulk Ascension - Dark Angels (2015) (ENG / ENG) (L) SKIDROW

Space Hulk Ascension - Dark Angels (2015) (ENG / ENG) (L) SKIDROW

Space Hulk Ascension - Dark Angels (2015) (ENG / ENG) (L) SKIDROW

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