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h Genre: RTS, 3D, Arcade
Developer / Publisher: Uber Entertainment
Language: EN / FR / DE / ES / IT / CN / BR + Multilingual
Language: English
Publication Type: RePack
Tablet: enclosing (ALI213)

Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® Vista / 7/8 (64 bit)
Processor: Intel® Core ™ i3 2.66 GHz
RAM: 4096 Mb
Sound Card: Sound card compatible with DirectX® 9.0
Graphics Accelerator 1024 Mb, OpenGL 2.4
Free space on HDD: 3 Gb

Planetary Annihilation - this is a wonderful gift for those who remember the Total Annihilation and the reincarnation of Supreme Commander.Here, you need to have not just capture the neighboring planets and the solar system as a whole but also simply to destroy everything around you. You are waiting for battles involving thousands of units.Game Planetary Annihilation game takes on a scale that you have not previously seen. You can even blow up everything and everywhere all at the same time - yes, such things are now.You will lead the battle using the most advanced robots and technology. If you are ready to conquer the universe in this dynamic single-player game, then you can start right now, because you have a lot of cases.
changelog: Build 82834
Galactic War Updates:

- Tech Discovery Redesign
You will now be able to choose one tech from a group of three when you explore a system
You will no longer be given techs that you already have as one of the three choices.
You will now only be given techs that you can use
IE no bot buffs without the ability to build bots.
- Rebalanced chances to discover various techs
- Improved AI difficulty ramping
- Improved system difficulty ramping
- New and improved redesigned boss fights for all factions
- Galactic War now defaults to a system size of Medium instead of Epic
- You now have the option to toggle "Hardcore mode" on and off when starting a new war
Losing a match in Hardcore Mode will end the active Galactic War, as it did in previous Galactic War iterations
Losing a match outside of Hardcore Mode will allow you to load a save from before moving into the hostile system
- Galactic War now has two neutral stars that always spawn next to the starting point
- The two easier difficulty Galactic Wars now use a different set of possible system templates
The easier system templates do not go more than a planet and a moon. They also have more metal
- Exiting from the GW star map takes you back to the main menu
- The in-game menu for a normal GW now contains a surrender option instead of an abandon war button. Hardcore GW will still have the abandon war button.
- Normal AI Difficulty Tuning
- GW star system tuning
- Fix to the Galactic War intro video not playing
- When the player commander is destroyed, all remaining subcommanders will also be destroyed. This only affects GW.
- Removed the factory wait time on relentless AI difficulty

Gameplay changes:

- Units are now setup to allow their wreckage to be pathed through and shot through
- Fix for custom alert behavior (the first custom alert would work, but all the ones after that would fail)
- Added in persistent alerts for special weapons (halleys and lazer).
- Hide special alerts that are triggered while in chronocam
- Updated icons used for special weapons in special alerts
- Major rework for how recon works for blips
- Updates to visuals and layout of celestial / planets panel to closer align w / new special weapon alert UI
- Resume Anywhere fixes
- Added music cue for the Target Planet scene
- Units flagged as not collidable with projectiles as wreckage will no longer have the attack cursor come up on the client
- The control group and idle unit widgets are hidden when you are spectating. Chronocam will also ignore unit alerts while you are spectating.
- Fix for a case where a unit would stop and lose its nav move
- Mines can now, once again, be shot by projectiles
- Resume from here dialog will now pause the game
- Fix for (selection / control group / idle) type indicators
- Fix for some units failing to attack during an attack move

AI Improvements:

- AI now can now create unit threat data on demand
- Deep Space Radar will no longer be seen as an orbital threat by the AI
- Fix for units going in circles
- Fix for a rare (1 in ~ 1400) AI crash
- Fix for AI crash when a platoon tries to retreat when there are no active AI bases left
- AI should be more diligent about building anti nukes
- Adjusted AI planet landing spot selection
- AI perf improvement
- Reduced the spikiness of AI perf some more

Features RePack
Install and play!
Run the game from the desktop
It is based on license Steam (ID: 233250)
EN / RU Installer
Audio quality 100%
Video quality is 100%
Digital Deluxe Commander Bundle

Planetary Annihilation - Deluxe Edition (2014) PC | RePack by SpaceX

Planetary Annihilation - Deluxe Edition (2014) PC | RePack by SpaceX

Planetary Annihilation - Deluxe Edition (2014) PC | RePack by SpaceX

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