Signs of Life 0.48.7 / (2015) torrent download

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Genre: Strategy, simulator, Sandbox
Developer: Sweet Dog Studios
Publisher: Sweet Dog Studios
Developer website:
Language: English
Platform: PC

System requirements:
• Operating System: Windows Vista / Seven
• Processor: 1.8 GHz
• Memory: 1.0 GB
• Video: 128 MB
• DirectX: 9.0c or higher
• hard drive space: 400 MB
• Microsoft XNA Framework 4.0

Signs of Life - a sci-fi sandbox developed by the studio Sweet Dog Studios, consisting of only three people for several years.
Mother Earth is on the brink of a devastating war, after which the planet will become uninhabitable. UN carries out a last attempt to save the human race.To do this, two ships were prepared: Hephaestus - more spacecraft for long-distance flights, and Hermes - fast scout ship.The final destination was a planet located 18 light-years from the solar system, similar in structure torremtgamesnet to Earth and livable.Hermes first to reach the planet and begins to prepare for the arrival of the colonists. Four years later, Hephaestus is approaching the destination, but receives a weak signal to asteroids, located close to the planet.
Contrary to common sense, the crew decides to investigate Hephaestus neighboring asteroids. All this ultimately leads to tragedy.The good news is only one: You - the only member of the crew that manages to survive. The bad - everyone you knew and loved, lost, and all that you have - clothes, multifunctional laser located on the wrist, and artificial intelligence named AGIS ...

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Signs of Life 0.48.7 / (2015)

Signs of Life 0.48.7 / (2015)

Signs of Life 0.48.7 / (2015)

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