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▪ Genre: Strategy (Turn-based / Tactical) / Isometric
▪ Developer: Random Games and Games Workshop
▪ Publisher: Strategic Simulations, Inc.
▪ Publication Type: License
▪ Language: ENG
▪ Sound language: ENG
▪ Tablet: Not required (DRM Free)

√ Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
√ Processor: 1.8 GHz
√ Memory: 512 MB
√ Video Card: 3D graphics card that supports DirectX 7
√ Sound Card: DirectX compatible
√ Free hard drive space: 2 GB

In the harsh darkness of the far future there is only war ...

If you are familiar with the phrase, I do not need to tell you about the universe of Warhammer 40,000. Generally, in our time it is difficult to find a gamer who even vaguely not heard of "Vahe".If you're somehow still lost sight of this element of culture, then congratulations! I also once met with this universe through the Chaos Gate, and never since then has not regretted acquaintance.

But back to the game. Chaos Gate - a turn-based strategy with RPG elements, a fine example of the genre, worthy successor of X-COM and Jagged Alliance, a successful embodiment of a board game on a PC.

The plot fits in one paragraph - it is not so important. Very distant future.Protection from the enemies of humanity engaged not only in the regular army, and Elite Squad Space Marine, a kind of genetically modified giants in power armor.The worst of the enemy - Space Marines traitors, long since gone over to the forces of chaos.You have to play for the Marines, Loyalists - namely, to lead a small squad of Ultramarines (sometimes called "Romans Warhammer." One of the most famous orders Space Marines).In the story of the Ultramarines Space cruiser was returning from a long bloody crusade against the forces of chaos, but in a way the captain of paratroopers, Kruger finds out that in the ChimeraIt is a powerful ancient relic, an artifact of the era of technology, and it has drawn tentacles haositsky Word Bearers Legion.What to do? Naturally, «For the Emperor! Open an aircraft carrier! We choose the cap. " The captain quickly paves a new course and reorganize tattered company of paratroopers, breaking them into groups of five. Chaos - a harsh enemy, surely we can say only one thing: the battle will not be easy.

Hence, with the ship's bridge, the actual game begins.Under your command is about six dozen marines, each with its own settings, record and equipment.Most of the paratroopers interchangeably, they can easily do sergeants and move in any squad, but reinforcements do not wait! This part of you for the rest of the game, there is nobody to replace the slain troopers.Initially, we are only the usual tactical squads, after the operations group will be supplemented by stormtroopers (master of melee with rocket pack), the spoiler (special weightliftingarmament) and terminators (simply "monsters"). In the long term expect Librarians (MIGA), Apothecary (physicians), the captain himself, and even military equipment.After studying briefing torrentgamesnet get an idea of ​​what you need to take with you, and choose fighters equipment. Here tactical options - weight.Heavy weapons platoon issued for one (or two, if the spoilers), but hung at the soldiers extra grenades, health packs and ammo nothing (except a place in the backpack) does not interfere.There will be a unique, custom-made artifacts, unless, of course, be able to find them. It is encouraging that most of the games you spend in tactical thinking, and not in vain attempts to understand the mechanics.Yet it is not difficult to understand the difference between a "rocket launcher" of machine gun with a flamethrower - difficult to decide what would be more useful to the mission.

The missions themselves available 15 pieces, but it's only story. Along the way, you can perform a lot of optional tasks.And even if the optional reduced to "kill all" - deciding fifth load difficult strategic puzzle, I do not think about.Each mission is an isometric projection of the world, in the tradition of X-COM.Lots vast and rich landscape elements, high-rise buildings, fortifications, irregularities, - in general, is where to turn.Each soldier has glasses that are spent on activities such as shooting, running, sit-ups, opening doors. Having spent glasses peredaёm course of the enemy, and look at the consequences of their decisions.In general, the basics are simple, but there are many nuances such as vegetation, natural and artificial shelters, explosive elements of the interior and, of course, a variety of opponents.At the end of your mission, the soldiers charged experience and, depending on the behavior, given awards.This, in my view, a very important point, because when the fight is not behaving in a faceless fighting unit, and good old brother Aurelius, not just to rescue in difficult situations, the attitude towards the game changed dramatically. I, at any rate, everything just so.

The game is hard, there is nothing to say. Already on the level of complexity, "Sergeant," the player will face a serious task for ingenuity. And as the level of "Captain" - a worthy challenge to any tactical genius.Passage is not fixed in some specific way, so that no one missions winning tactics, it all depends on your preference. Artificial Intelligence stars from the sky is not enough, but at least able to act logically as part of the script, and the script is registered to fame.

Newsworthy and secondary parts. I was very pleased with the music. Marches in Latin interspersed with harsh atmosphere and is ideal for scenery gothic varhammerovskim.Soundtrack - solid top five. The graphics for its time is not bad, but, in my view, attempts to paint a realistic environment made gray, bleak and featureless. So four.While, on the other hand, it is strange to expect from the Warhammer universe, something "merry."Management is not difficult to master, but at the end of the game begins to feel a lack of "hot keys" (though it is necessary for something to find fault?). There are five with a minus.Special note: the game Chaos Gate is such a simple and unpretentious thing as a single mission and map editor.It seems to be nonsense, but how many games are not used to its full potential because of the lack of such simple things! Five of foresight.More dynamism pleased me personally (it's a turn-based strategy-it!) And a variety of missions. It is good that the original plot tasks are balanced trivial.From the original, too, sometimes get tired and want to check your weapons and fighters to pump under standard conditions, so it is also five, maybe even plus.And finally, an avid varhammerista can not please the matching code (although somewhat dated) structure of troops and weapons. Chaos Gate copy board game as much as possible. I put mine fans' top five.

Now I am slackening enthusiasm and really try to find fault with anything. Firstly, sad that you can only play for the Space Marines. Chaos - quite playable, full race.The game would not prevent additional campaign.Second, bugs ... no, not that ... BUGS!Holes in the scripts, software errors, clumsy reference to the functions of the older versions of Windows, because of which the game sometimes have literally modifying file and customize for your car.Well, and thirdly - very annoying is that games like this can be counted on the fingers! In my opinion, to do turn-based strategy in the universe Warhammer emperor himself ordered!

Summary: a very rare and a good representative of the undeservedly forgotten genre. If you enjoy turn-based strategy, if you are a connoisseur of good-quality games, if you are attracted to Warhammer - swing, you will not regret!

As for the problems? In fact there is an excerpt from the sacred manual Mechanicus "Thing And this - there is a dark era technologies sacred relic, and it must include tokmo respectful awe.Launch applications, regulations, ancient Techpriests wrote Honour and strictly follow the instructions, and if they balked, contamination bogomerzkoy forum not lei sisblok sacred feet kickingtakozh polzitelno little for the cause.Instead of the heart to strengthen and Rtsy firm voice: "On the program, the name of the administrator and helper se al now restore your spirit!Yes, God inhales machine semblance of life in your scripts, and may earn you bastard, finally! "So the rumor, tame anger over again perechti charter, and God will reward your zeal machine."

Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate (GoG) (1998 | Eng)

Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate (GoG) (1998 | Eng)

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