Rule of Law: Police Story (RePack) (2004 | Rus) torrent download

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Genre: Add-on / Strategy (Turn-based / Tactical) / 3D
▪ Developer: MIST Lend-SOUTH
▪ Published: Russobit M
▪ Game Version: 1.24 / 1.62 | 1.64.0 [Reality 4.13]
▪ Publication Type: RePack
▪ Interface language: RUS
▪ Sound language: RUS
▪ Tablet: enclosing (NERVADOX | DRM-FREE)

Rule of Law: Police Story [RePack] [2004 | Rus]
√ Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7
√ Processor: Pentium III / Athlon @ 800 MHz
√ Memory: 128 MB
√ Video Card: 32 MB
√ Sound Card: DirectX compatible
√ Free hard drive space: 1.30 GB

Cyberpunk - a diagnosis.

Let hiding in the closet of the old woman and the old people who do not believe in electricity. They never learn all the charm of night races on hoverbaykah.They were unknown to the excitement of the hunt for the mutant and the pleasure of murder fighter Sindikata.Chulan save them, do not believe in chaos, anarchy and social inequality. And they know that the iron hand of the world will not lead to the abyss, and to salvation. And the name of the hand - the rule of law!

"Terrific atmospheric game world;
"A lot of exciting quests, a linear plot;
"A huge arsenal of fantastic weapons;
"Excellent special effects;
"User-friendly interface, easy to operate the camera;
" Original Soundtrack.

Features repack:
• Do not cut / no recoded
• Installation time ~ 5 minutes
• Additional content: history, manual, soundtrack (mp3), solution, wallpapers

Rule of Law: Police history. Remaster version 1.64

What have been waiting for - it happened!
Today, we are publishing a free download version of the game to rebuild the Rule of Law:Gold collection (which includes both the original game the rule of law and the official police story addition)!While rebuilding has taken a huge amount of time, not all bugs associated with modern video cards persists (see. Preduprezhdenie.txt file).Especially it is necessary to be attentive owners built-in graphics Intel.In addition to alterations render necessary to run the game on modern systems - Fixed part of the text, as well as a little bit podrihtovan balance in terms of levels of scattered objects! Unfortunately still spend more time on this release is not obtained, all the forces thrown into a new project!

Rule of Law: Police Story (RePack) (2004 | Rus)

Rule of Law: Police Story (RePack) (2004 | Rus)

Rule of Law: Police Story (RePack) (2004 | Rus)

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