Fallen: A2P Protocol (2015 | Eng | Multi4) torrent download

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▪ Release Date: March 6, 2015
▪ Genre: Strategy (Turn-based / Tactical) / 3D
▪ Developer: Red Katana
▪ Publisher: Red Katana
▪ Game Version: 1.0
▪ Publication Type: License
▪ Language: ENG | FRA | SPA | POR
▪ Sound language: ENG
▪ Tablet: there (PLAZA)

√ Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
√ Processor: Dual Core @ 2.0 GHz
√ Memory: 2 GB
√ Video Card: Intel HD Graphics 4000
√ Sound Card: compatible with DirectX 9.0
√ Free hard drive space: 1 GB

Fallen: A2P Protocol - a tactical turn-based strategy in a post-apocalyptic setting of (in the style of X-Com, and Fallout), the plot of which you will spend a paramilitary convoy of dilapidated world and destroy the hated corporation GENKORP!
Back in 2125 the corporation GENKORP explored a new source of energy, which is called the A2P, began his active mining.At the same time the environmental group ARKANE protested against mining A2P and stated that its production will destroy the earth. Ecologists no one listened, and after some time the Earth has turned into a desert.

"The action takes place on the planet has changed dramatically after the apocalypse.
"The player will assume the role of first forwarder accompanying a valuable cargo, combining his duties with paramilitary security (weapons, equipment, and so have a look for yourself).
"The route of movement laid player to reach the main goal.
"On the way we will have to engage in battle (the battle takes place in steps).
"Additionally, there is leveling.

1. Mount image file into a virtual drive.
2. install, configure installation options in the installer.
3. Copied files from PLAZA (in the image) to a folder with a game.
4. Everything is ready for launch, enjoyable game.

Fallen: A2P Protocol (2015 | Eng | Multi4)

Fallen: A2P Protocol (2015 | Eng | Multi4)

Fallen: A2P Protocol (2015 | Eng | Multi4)

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