Battle Brothers (Early Access) (2015 | Eng) torrent download

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Genre: Strategy (Turn-based / Tactical)
▪ Developer: Overhype Studios
▪ Published: Overhype Studios
▪ Game Version:
▪ Publication Type: pirates (Early Access)
▪ Language: ENG
▪ Sound language: ENG
▪ Tablet: enclosing

√ Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
√ Processor: 1.2 GHz
√ Memory: 1 GB
√ Video: Support for OpenGL 3.0
√ Sound Card: DirectX compatible
√ Free hard drive space: 500 MB

The game is dedicated to the command of a detachment of 12 mercenaries to carry out tasks in a world teeming with pirates, undead, orcs and even it is not clear by whom.Each mercenary has a history: before being recruited, he could be a beggar, a knight, an aristocrat, a witch hunter or ordinary thug.Each mercenary gains experience in battle, becomes stronger, hardier (very important feature), is also growing courage, responsible for stays soldier on the battlefield (if it drops to 0,then the bravest of the soldiers leave their comrades and hidden in nearby bushes).After receiving level mercenary gets different skills (perks), for example, improving health, following up the wounded, possession of certain weapons, pulling pile weights and stuff. Especially disappointing when a warrior dies strongly developed from the hordes of zombies and doubly shameful that death is permanent.
Many types of armor, shields, weapons and various items to help you pull it (death).As there is no class system fighters - has just recruited a mercenary, you can equip any weapon, of course, it will not just possess it skillfully, but with time and new battleslearn to cut the head, smashing armor and Throws the enemy to flight. Again, if you do not die from the hordes of zombies.
For fans of turn-based strategy, and a series of wargames Mount and Blade.

Run the game from my win32 StartBattleBrothers.exe.

Battle Brothers (Early Access) (2015 | Eng)

Battle Brothers (Early Access) (2015 | Eng)

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