Frozen Kingdom (2011) torrent download

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Change of one eternal summer in the dreamland of eternal winter, and the sun ceased to look in the window to the saddened residents. A cowardly attacker who perpetrated this whole thing disappeared. Well, you, of course, now we have to help all the king's subjects out of the permafrost zone.

Released: 2011
Genre: three in a row
Developer: DominiGames
Publisher: Alawar Entertainment
Language: Russian
Platform: PC
Publication Type: pirates
Medicine: not required

Features: Collect on the board the same chips of three or more in a row, a group or a chain and remove the ice tiles.Each level will make it more difficult: the first time the ice gouging, the trick with the fire it did not melt, the iron shackles will not quickly clear the field.But it is not all bad: at the bottom of the screen you can choose any of the four game modes to your taste.In addition, if desired, you can also play in the bonus game, which will be rewarded for the valuable artifacts. They allow you and token knock off, and a number. And if you want diversity, then the board with chips can also be rotated using a special red arrows at the bottom of the screen.

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