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Time of action - the distant future. Investigation of deep space is at the peak of its development. Humanity is rapidly sneaks in remote corners of the universe.On planets with abundant resources, mining landed spaceships, planets with soft air atmosphere and mild climate inhabit the colonists.The flourishing of human culture! The celebration of its power and greatness !!!Earth Federation Government is not able to sponsor all of the expedition, so it was decided to introduce a closed planetary missile wars.Victory in a closed planetary war gave the right to possess the entire planet with all the rights to mine resources and income from the planet.Good government collects sales tax money on the planets. Such wars are beneficial to both the Government and all corporations and syndicates claiming the right to possession of the planet.Among the companies participating were chosen by lot by the two companies, they have sent ships to the colonists capsules to orbit the planet and start dropping colonists on the planet.A further intervention in the life of the colony firms prohibited. Over the surface of the planet was observed 6 satellites Federation who follow the rules of war.Firms can only monitor the progress of the fighting and wait for the outcome of the war ... The planet is not blocked from trading market galaxy, it is allowed to take merchant ships and to trade freely with other planets and firms.

Released: 2011
Genre: Strategy (Real-time), Isometric
Developer: Polynetix Studios
Published: Polynetix Studios
Publication Type: Repack (Licenses)
Platform: PC
Language: Multilingual, English
Language: Multilingual, English
Tablet: enclosing (THETA.v 1.7.2826)

System requirements:
Operating system: XP, Vista, 7
Processor: Pentium 3 - 2.0 GHz
RAM: 2048MB
Free hard disk space: 134 MB
Video Card: Radeon 9500 or GeForce 6600
File system: FAT, NTFS
Important: before installing disable antivirus and Firewall

- Fresh solution for RTS - separate card players, the lack of units as such, their role is played by the pseudo-auto units. The uniqueness of the cards provided a randomly generated landscape.Player receives each time a new landscape, which makes it possible to play the game indefinitely.The success of a player depends not only on the successful military operations, but also on the proper economic development, this feature makes the strategic planning missions to the game featuresglobal economic simulator, which increases playability, and the main interest in the game. Relatively low demand for technology and excellent graphics and rich sound. Violent-free. The destruction of enemy buildings does not have a destructive psychological impact on the minds of players.
- The plot is designed for 10 hours of passage.
- The main objective is to win by a player of the first position in the list transgalakticheskih companies.The problem is solved by finding the most effective method of warfare in terms of planetary battles.Proper strategic policy choice tactical battles and competent management of the planetary battlefield will ensure the development and prosperity of the company Player.Planetary battles are conducted on individual does not colonize the planet, landing on the planet two ships, one ship of the player, the other enemy at a great distance from each other,making landing areas isolated from each other.Victory in a planetary war awarded the company, which will destroy the colonizers rival firms, or until all the conditions of victory, which is described in the rules of the planetary combat.After landing in the landing sector, the player starts exploration and construction of the colony with its defense system, and research centers.After the construction phase of the base building and the start of economic development, the player can start to assemble missiles with which to carry out military action aimed at destroying the baseenemy. Parallel with the real life is not a game you can spend the events unfolded, but did not come true (to the great happiness) between the United States and the Soviet Union during the Cold War.It gives an idea about the real possibility of war with one type of weapon - missiles.Trade with galactic enables firms to sell products and make money that will build more defenses and produce more rockets.Economic planning - the key to success in the war, but without weapons and protective equipment can not win the war, so the main goal of the player - a balance in everything!
- Gameplay is to manage the construction of the colony, lucrative contracts with merchants, as well as the assembly of missiles and their launch in the specific region on the map of the enemy.

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