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Again, all mixed up in the house Vasnetsov. Nothing foreshadowed the subsequent events in the game Father's Daughter 2. Everything was as usual humdrum and not fun. The girls were bored, quietly sighing and dreaming each of his. And as always bear Bagel on sweets. Returning from work father stunned family:

- Girls, I have good news!
- Football has already begun? - Could not be sarcastic Dasha.
- I did not guess. I took vacation time!
- And for us, then this news is that it's nice? - Bewildered asked Eugene.
- The fact that we all go to the sea!
- Ur-ah-ah-ah! No wonder I was six months in the pool to swim studied! As the water looked! - Joyfully exclaimed Buttons.

So, Daddy's Daughter go to sea! But the sea is still so much to do! Masha decided to whatever was to conquer their beauty the guys on the beach.And for this we need to pick up a suitcase on the road things. Galina before leaving reread all given for the summer program, and decided to hand over the books to the library, but that's bad luck.Vasnetsov as always forgot everything, wife urgently need to be written to disk favorite football and Buttons Bublik lost a loved one. However, all as always.

Exciting game "Papa's daughter go to sea" - a cheerful, humorous quest that continues the story of a funny little family, but in the new plot outline. Immerse yourself in a sea of ​​brand-name jokes, funny situations and enjoy each heroine role play "daddy daughter 2"!

The whole family is going to warmer climes. Maria puts in a suitcase favorite outfits, Eugene repairs spear gun.Dasha holds a secret initiation ritual in the Goths, and Buttons saves bagels, whose grandmother took for experiments.Join this fun company and helped the girl to finish before leaving urgent business!Look for all the things that could be useful sisters sea - sandals, tennis shoes, sunglasses, mask, fins and a spear gun, book "Cryogenic Physics homecircumstances "... While there, the physics is better to leave the house. If something went wrong - you will make! Open the cabinet doors, drawers and look in on the mezzanine - maybe there is something hidden that you need.
For each item found you get points, but if you get lazy and use the tips on the contrary - to lose. Include ingenuity, deal with all the puzzles to solve puzzles and complete the game on the "gold."

Genre: Puzzle, Hidden Object, Kids Crossword
Developer: HeroCraft
Year: 2011
Platform: PC
Version: 1.0
Language: English
Tablet: Is Present

System requirements:
Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7
1 GHz processor or higher
256 MB of RAM
DirectX 8.0

Extras. Info:
In 1.txt present the key to the game there is a crack does not work if the key and instructions on how to use crack

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