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Expanded Edition, includes the popular urban strategy "Epoch Times: Rome" (Game Version 2.02.307) and the official add-on "The Epoch Times:Rome - the reign of Augustus, "which adds a full-blown new campaign consisting of 12 tasks, new maps, and introduces a number of improvements to the gameplay.In the game, new building talents for families, city beautification. Type in "god mode" and options for multiplayer games.

- New campaign of 12 jobs;
- 12 new maps;
- 6 new maps for multiplayer games;
- 4 new buildings: Senate, House tax collector, the Odeon, a hospital;
- 20 new domains with their bonuses;
- Roads - connect your city to the major roman roads to obtain additional resources and speed up the movement of units;
- New family talents (together 21 new talent);
- Option to remove the roads, trees, ornaments, etc .;
- The new decoration of the city - statues and gardens;
- "God Mode" - a free map for the construction of a small amount of natural disasters and unlimited resources;
- Power - some buildings raise the level of the authorities - a resource that can be used to their advantage, and to harm the enemy;
- A new introductory video to the campaign;
- Additional options for multiplayer games, including previously rebuilt the city and the city walls;
- 3 new patrons (Agrippa, Nero, Drusus).

Released: 2010
Genre: Add-on, Strategy, 3D
Developer: Haemimont Games
Publisher: Kalypso Media
Publisher in Russia: Akella
Publication Type: Repack (Licenses)
Platform: PC
Language: Multilingual
Language: Multilingual
Tablet: enclosing of (TRiViUM.v 2.02.307)

System requirements:
Operating system: XP, Vista, 7
Processor: Pentium 4 - 2.5 GHz
RAM: 1000 MB
Free hard disk space: 6551 MB for installation, after 2787 MB
Video card: GeForce 6600 or Radeon 9600 (128MB)
File system: NTFS
Important: before installing disable antivirus and Firewall

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