Wargame: European Escalation (2012) torrent download

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The game will take place during the Cold War, in 1975-1985h years, between the countries of the Warsaw Pact and NATO.Classic fiction, battle the Soviet Union and Eastern European countries against the United States and Western Europe.Among the military theorists are of the opinion that the current war will not begin with the launch of all nuclear ammunition of the two superpowers, and the usual landing troops.There can be several:Firstly, according to arms control can be disabled; secondly, the use of nuclear weapons is restricted by international law; Thirdly, such a step may causeend of human existence. And based on this storyline and idea development. The basis of the game lies improved engine IRISZOOM, which has been tested in RUSE Using the camera zoom effect, it allows you to scale the type of card on the battlefield to a specific soldier.

Year: 2012
Genre: Strategy (Real-time) / 3D
Developer: Eugen Systems
Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
Platform: PC
Publication Type: License (Steam Rip)
Language: Multilingual (Included in the game menu)
Language: English
Medicine: By 3DM (Temporary)

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