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Posted: 31-07-2015, 06:32 | Downloads: 683
Dreaming buy our own planet in the nearest star system? No problems! The more that a place in your galactic property has long been cooked.You only need to properly equip their possessions in order not to lose face in front of newly minted cosmic neighbors.To do this, you need to make three or more colored links stubby chains and create from them a great chain, with which you then will be able to get the sun and the moon, andeven the ocean! Try tinkering chain from the largest number of units, then you get a reward iridescent link that will allow to connect units of different colors.Periodically from the sky for you will crumble useful bonuses, through which you will cope with the current job much faster."Snowflake" will freeze the playing field 10 seconds, "Lightning" will destroy all the links in a column or row, and "bomb" will break a square of nine chips. Be the first builder of space!

Genre: Puzzle, Balls Three in a row
Developer: Mumbo Jumbo
Publisher: Mumbo Jumbo
Published in Russian: Alawar Entertainment
Language: Multilingual (Alawar Entertainment)
Sound language: n / a (not available)
Publication Type: pirates

System requirements:
1Ghz, 512 Mb RAM, 64 Mb VRAM, DirectX 10.0

Install and run:
Run the file, follow the installation instructions, paying no attention to the possible prevention of anti-virus protection, to play.

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