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Warzone 2100, real-time strategy, originally developed by Pumpkin Studios and published by Eidos Interactive, was founded in 1999 and released on the PC platform, and PS, deserved at the timefocus set of players around the world as one of the first 3D-strategies having an attention to detail engine, excellent gameplay and excellent graphics (the former for PS, much better than thatIt was on PC).Get a large audience interest, 5 years later, Warzone appears in a new project "Revival" (prepared in accordance with the GNU General Public License (GPL) copyright PumpkinStudios), which has been redesigned the entire code, improved graphics and added previously to not get the opportunity to multiplayer.The game became more interesting, you can arrange a tank battles, with players in Europe and many other countries. In addition, the game is constantly updated: improved graphics and added new technologies.

Genre: RTS, Real-Time, Strategy
Official website: WZ2100.Net
Developer: wz2100.net
Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Language: Multilingual # 12 (including Russian)
Audio language: Anliysky
Publication Type: License

- More than 400 of technologies that can be opened.
- More than 2000 different units.
- 3 large maps.
- 24 cards additional missions.
- Interactive messaging system.
- A quick search of units and structures.
- The function of plants for continuous production.

Run the file warzone2100-2.3.6.exe and remove the check mark from the video, it is already included in this distribution.
To turn the rollers in the game after installing the game copy sequences.wz file in the game folder.
To add to the multiplayer maps, copy the contents of the folder "Warzone2100 maps" in the folder:
My Documents / Warzone 2100 / maps /

System requirements:
Operating System: Windows 2000 / XP
Minimum configuration: CPU ~ 1 GHz, RAM ~ 128 Mb, VRAM 64 Mb, DirectX, PS 2.0, HDD ~ 100 ~ + 600 Mb

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