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Many people probably have not heard about this game, and no wonder, since its main audience is in China, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia and other places with difficult translatableadverb. Fifa Online 2 - is a multiplayer economic-sports football simulator developed by IAHGames / Neowiz / Pmang supported by EA.The main idea of ​​the game: take a weak team, buy players, each pump individually and gain high positions in local rankings. Somewhat like EASO, for those in the know.None of the Japanese or Korean game is not without all kinds of mini-games, and FIFA is no exception.After the match, we offer the choice to open one of the three boxes, each is a football player, which you can then take the team to sell or rent.In addition, there is a game mode Simulate match, which is somewhat like the game Lines, where you had to line up three balls of the same color in one line.Playing such a sham, and pretend you're the match: playing well, your players frequently fall bonus due bottles with energy, and improve the performance and playing worse course you will not get anything, and is likely to lose the match.

Released: 2012
Developer: IAHGames / Neowiz / Pmang / EA Sports
Publisher: Neowiz
Language: English
Version: B1220

Besides the "fun mode", the game has some serious:
World Cup - World Cup 2010.
World Tour - Game on ranking points with a random opponent.
Ultimate Match - VABank game, you and your opponent bet 50,000, and the winner takes all match.
Fellowship - he's club championship.

FIFA Club - is one of the most prestigious game modes in the game.Several times a year, the players who have joined the community to play their clubs against the same participants of the championship, while earning points in his play area.The leaders of the area are getting good rewards, game icons winners and they receive a percentage of the salaries of players playing in the play area you will conquer.

In addition, there is a career mode where you can hone your playing skills with an artificial opponent. Here, everything is standard, regular season play, then season plus cups, unless of course they have enough skills to get through.

The game has 15,500 players. It is almost all the clubs that are in FIFA 10, except for some football federations whose contract expires at the EA with the presentation of its players in the game. Renewal of the once a year, in a leap year, and sometimes twice.

Daily online - 300 thousand people during the day and 40,000 at night. This game is played with the most different inhabitants of the land to which you will most likely be a bad connection, logs, and absurd, but that's okay.In this game, we - the guests, this is not it, we lag, and we have them. In order not to disturb much of Asia, our players together and usually play together, without lags and locked up.
The game is very peculiar frequent errors on the part of developers, on the ready for possible errors. When everything is working properly, in Fifa Online 2 play - a pleasure.

System requirements:
Processor: Pentium 4 2.4 GHz
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7 - x64, x86
Video: 256 MB + support for Shader Model 3.0 RAM: 1GB (2GB better) Memory: 2.5GB
Connection: minimum 3mbit / sec (for updates)

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