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Strategy infested ghouls in real time, reminiscent of games like Commando itd.Igra has a bunch of advantages among opponents of the genre.The story begins in the early 80s in a small town Hedge Hill near Kansas City, Missouri.Attempts to create a new, genetically modified variety of corn, turned the appearance of the virus mutated, moving up the food chain.Dog wounded infected animal, and quickly spread the virus has infected the entire population of a small provincial town. Mike and Gerald, college students, were at the center of this horrific event.After driving up to a gas station near Hedge Hill, they did not know about the virus, which has already reached the gas station and its staff.

Released: 2011
Genre: Strategy (Real-time / Tactical) / 3D
Developer: Crenetic Studios
Published: Meridian4 / Akella
Language: Eng

- Terrifying, cinematic game atmosphere.
- Tactical gameplay with numerous shocking and surprise elements.
- Well-designed location, such as a post office, a prison, landfill and more.
- 6 different characters.
- Play alone or with friends in cooperative mode.
- Interactive and dynamic environment including various traps.
- Lots of weapons, equipment and other items.

System requirements:
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 / Vista / XP
Processor: Intel Pentium with a frequency of 2.0 GHz
Memory: 1 GB
Video Card: 256 MB memory and support for shader 3.0 (ATI Radeon X1600 or NVidia GeForce 7)> Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
Free hard drive space: 1.5 GB

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