Fantastic fishing / Fantastic Fishing (v.1.0.2a) (2015) PC torrent download

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Genre: Simulation fishing, RPG
Developer: Fishbone
Year: 2013-2015
Platform: PC
Version: 1.0.2a
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Language: Russian
Multiplayer: Online

System Requirements: OS Windows: ME, 2000, Vista, XP, 7, 8, 10
Linux: Wine
Processor: 1500 + Mhz
Memory: 512 MB +
Size of the game: 250MB
Dating Game:

Description: Fantastic Fishing - a free, virtual online simulator fishing with RPG elements.A player is not required to pay a subscription fee to play, and the client account is enough to download.To start fishing, you need to make casting a fishing rod provided, and then everything is designed for your skill and experience of fishermen.Dozens of real reservoirs around the world, you expect an exciting fight with hundreds of different fish and amphibians, the habits and habitats as close as possible to this fishing.As you move your character for a unique fishing bases, the discharge will increase along with your catch.The largest is the trophy fish you fished, the more experience you earn, the more expensive will be able to sell one of the dozens of NPC.With the money, your character will be able to buy hundreds of different gear and things from bamboo fishing rods for small fish to powerful fished for whales and crocodiles, to help the process coilvyvazhivaniya, solid foods - increases biting ... After receiving a new discharge, you will be allocated points settings, which you can spend to improve the skills of one of the dozen.Your character becomes more skilled, more fish are biting, larger process vyvazhivaniya simplified catch larger. A distinctive feature is Fantastic Fishing:

No breakdowns rods when playing!
There are no restrictions in the form of fatigue, endurance or radiation! No alcohol and food!
A great diversity of species of fish and amphibians (806) on the most important reservoirs of the world
A wide range of options of fish (30), close to real habits
All these waters, true inhabitants
Weather, time of day, the level of oxygen in the water, migration - are involved in the process of biting fish
Dozens of quests (202), which is provided with a charismatic player SPC (32) for all the bases of the world (28)
Perform tasks, bring the fish to study, earn rewards
Hundreds of items with their strong and weak characteristics help the player in vyvazhivanii hundreds of fish
The system of classical and original tournaments allow fishermen and teams compete for the prize purse with nice prizes
To the player could feel comrade's shoulder, the game introduced the function of association in the team - friendly community, with one purpose, a separate chat, additional bonuses, missions, tasks and tournaments
Laboratories performing diversity research, scientists caught fish around the world and earn unique rewards
Reaching on a fishing career some heights, the player receives a medal from the fishing community, and along with valuable gifts
Visiting a game every day, the player expects the everyday bonus, which is regularly replenish cash reserves Player
The intuitive interface, even a novice fisherman
Permanent, weekly introduction of new content and gameplay in the game All this awaits you after registration. Good luck and good fishing bite!

game statistics
Baz: 28
Locations: 152
Fish: 806
NPC: 32
Quests: 202
Treasure: 170
Achievements: 52
Tournaments: 27
Tournament team: 13
General's Event 10
Solo's Event: 78
Research: 51

Installation Instructions:
Hidden text
Set. Start FFLauncher.exe, go through a simple registration form, enter the game.
If the game does not start / no updates: Click on the file FFLauncher.exe the right mouse button, select Run as Administrator.
Either place the driver / Direct X
Win8 - to run in compatibility mode.

Fantastic fishing / Fantastic Fishing (v.1.0.2a) (2015) PC

Fantastic fishing / Fantastic Fishing (v.1.0.2a) (2015) PC

Fantastic fishing / Fantastic Fishing (v.1.0.2a) (2015) PC

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