Virtual Pool 4 (Celeris) (Eng) (L) torrent download

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Genre: Simulation pool
Developer: Celeris
Publisher: Celeris
Game Version:
Publication Type: License
Language: English
Language: English
Medicine: Present

Known problems: Game crashes when "cutting" blow by pressing E (feature in the game is called the English shoot).To the game does not take off in cutting - if you do "Twisted" hit, set the cue in the desired position of contact with the cue ball, and hit after 5-10 seconds, if hurry up and hit the "screw" before - the game will take off!

Description: Virtual Pool 4 - Simulator billiards, American pool - all kinds of versions, snooker and many other species ...Also available are video tutorials billiards, improvement of equipment of various shocks. For example snooker - the game worked out to the smallest detail at the level of physics, the model table and rules.The table modeled on the specifications of the world snooker association, with all sizes and shapes of sponges pockets.The size of the pockets may change from amateur to professional 80mm 90mm and super narrow (American pocket snooker ~ 70mm). In the context of the rules take into account the situation "Touching ball" and "Lose after 3 miss".

Installing the game:
Proper installation of the game Virtual Pool 4 by Alexz:

1. Mount the image of the game - virtual.pool. in DAEMON Tools.
2. Install the game.
3. Copy all the files from the Crack on the image of a folder with a game and replace the original files.
4. Play!

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* The game has been tested on Windows 7 x64 SP1.

Virtual Pool 4 (Celeris) (Eng) (L)

Virtual Pool 4 (Celeris) (Eng) (L)

Virtual Pool 4 (Celeris) (Eng) (L)

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