Microsoft Train Simulator - Grand Pack (2001) PC torrent download

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Genre: Simulation
Developer: Kuju Entertainment
Year: 2001
Platform: PC
Version: 1.8

Language: Multilingual
Multiplayer: No
Tablet: Do not need

System Requirements: System: Windows XPVista7
Processor: Pentium III 800 MHz
Memory: 128 MB RAM
Video: 32 MB 3D Video Card
Hard Drive: 175 GB of free space

Installation instructions: Start Install.bat; 64 bit systems run Install64.bat

Description: You can not download everything torrent file, and select the desired package. Mandatory for download are files and entire folder Install.bat Core.You can download the "only Russian" by the CIS package to download, you can download everything else in any combinations. Keep in mind that when you unpack folder weighs about 3 times greater than the weighed archive.
Default in the distribution archive contains 6 standard game marshutov and training route.
Archive Extra - it locomotives and cars that are not used by any script that without archive safely possible to do, and all scripts will work. I put it specifically for those who want to have all prevse.
Australia, Austria, Great Britain, Belarus, Hungary, Germany, Holland, India, Italy, Spain, Canada, Nigeria, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, USA, Ukraine, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Estonia, Japan.

Route 184:
Many tracks with flat and heavy mountain profile. Electrified and electrified routes for new high-speed trains and locomotive retro routes, trams, the Dutch Underground, the New York subway, narrow gauge routes!
More than 5 500 scenarios:
From the simple to the incredibly complex: maneuvers, city trains, commuter trains, long-distance freight and passenger traffic. Come to the aid of a broken locomotive or help investigate the murder on the Orient Express!
Over 37 000 units of rolling stock:
14 000 locomotives, of which more than 9500 are available to control the player.
Locomotives, diesel locomotives, electric locomotives, metros, electrical and diesel trains, motrisy hundreds of passenger and freight cars!

Photorealistic graphics:
Thanks to high-resolution textures and superb vysokopoligonalnye models you can not tell from the screenshot pictures!
Accurate physical model:
The simulation of all systems of the locomotive; you have to drive a heavy train through the mountain passes (in any case not be allowed to stop!), Follow the vapor pressure and water level in the boiler of the steam engine, to conduct part of the most carefully: do it so as not to spill the tea in the dining car!
More ConBuilder- includes a program to create their sotavov.

Microsoft Train Simulator - Grand Pack (2001) PC

Microsoft Train Simulator - Grand Pack (2001) PC

Microsoft Train Simulator - Grand Pack (2001) PC

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