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Genre: Managerial, Strategy, Trader, 3D, Real-time
Developer: Chasing Carrots
Publisher: Chasing Carrots
Platform: PC
Engine: own
Custom assessment Steam: 80% user reviews - positive (310 reviews)

Language: Multilingual, English, German, French, Spanish
Language: no
Publication Type: Repack
Medicine: sew (by group SKiDROW)

System requirements:
OS: Windows Vista / Windows 7 and above
Processor: 2.0 GHz and better
Memory: 3 GB
Video: 768 Mb or better
DirectX: 9.0c
Disk space: 700 MB


Cosmonautica - an eccentric mix of space trading and the spaceship simulator.

Cast off! Are you ready for a fun adventure in outer space?

Start with the old space cruiser and perform its mission as a captain in the pursuit of fame and fortune.In Cosmonautica combines elements of space simulator trade and crew that together create a unique gaming experience. You will succeed, but if you take good care of their team.

Will you become a better trader, thief, pirate, or even kosmotaksistom? You choose!


Cosmonautica - a fascinating galactic simulation trade with a set of elements in which you will find many situations, including the attack of pirates, various tasks and unique crew members. Explore dynamic galaxy with its own rules. Every game is not like the other!
Manage crew - hire up to eight lovely and unique employees to create a motley crew are the best in the world astronauts.Take care of your team and improve them in order to unlock the potential of each. Optimal operation of your spaceship will be possible only when the crew will be pleased, and all its members are ideally suited to each other.
The versatile simulator trade - sell many products, including some rare or even illegal items. Trade with other sellers, exploring the solar system.Explore the galaxy and promote intergalactic trade in different solar systems, each of which is not like the others.
The storyline and the universe - Meet unique characters, going on a mission to discover the secret of the container and to learn about the mysterious past of your on-board AI named N1L. You can safely wander the galaxy in sandbox mode.
Unique vehicles - choose from a variety of different types of spaceships, they are equipped with better weapons and upgrade their appearance and interior decoration.
Thrilling space battles - the team in a difficult space battles with enemy ships, making tricky maneuvers and tactical actions. Hit in the forehead, or defeat the enemy cunning, using hacking skills. Additionally, you can choose the path of peace and diplomacy.
Cross-platform game - Cosmonautica middleware supports the preservation of game that allows you to play on your PC, and then continue from the same place on the tablet, or other mobile device.

Features repack

Repak is based on the ISO-image Cosmonautica-SKIDROW: sr-cosmonautica.bin (694,625,568 bytes)
100% Lossless and MD5 Perfect: all the files after you install the original release are identical up to a bit
Do not cut, no recoded
The ability to not download or install the bonus soundtrack
Significantly improved compression (from 662 to 215/374 MB)
Installation takes 1-3 minutes
After installing the game takes 700 MB
The language is changed in the settings of the game
After installation option available checksums of all files, make sure that repak establish normal

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Cosmonautica (2015) PC | RePack by FitGirl

Cosmonautica (2015) PC | RePack by FitGirl

Cosmonautica (2015) PC | RePack by FitGirl

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