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Genre: Sandbox, soft body simulator, Racing game
Developer: BeamNG
Publisher: BeamNG
Developer website:
Language: English
Platform: PC

System requirements:
> Processor: Dual-Core
> Memory: 4 GB
> Video: At least 512 MB
> Operating system: Windows 7
> Hard Drive: 3.5 GB free space

BeamNG DRIVE - a kind of spiritual successor Rigs Of Rods with over-designed physics. The main focus of the game is made in the physical damage to vehicles.You can either ride on the track and ready to observe the condition of your car after a collision, and you set the required parameters, speed, weather conditions, physical componentsenvironment. Conduct tests, add the machines - features "sea"! The basis is taken and redesigned graphics engine Torgue 3D, eventually will get a new engine physics simulations soft body!
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List of changes
v0.3.4.0 (05.07.2014):
• fix for Pigeon body not detaching
• fixed small island water color
• fixed initialization bug in drivetrain
• fixed crash on invalid 3d mesh
• fixed crash when reloading the vehicle
• fixed crash when resizing the T3D GUI
• fixed world editor window placement: right side alignment actually works now
v0.3.3.0 (30.06.2014):
• fixed game crash (lua stackoverflow) when running the game for a bit longer
• fixed resource error when loading DRI
• fixed "spawn new vehicle" function: not spawning inside the other car anymore
• improved world editor: now using window resolution correctly: right windows will be correctly on the right side of the screen now (side effect: saves your windowed resolution)
• improved player spawning: thePlayer is now visible in the scene tree and will not be saved when saving the level
• fixed crash reporting up: updated crashreport tool, improved the way it works, fixed ability to use / run the game even if the system is missing
• fixed some app minimal size bugs on persistence saving
• fixed DirectX: proper offline installation now
• rewrote level saving a bit
• improved bananabech: improved output formatting, added RAM and OS info
• beam break debug working again: if in debug mode, broken beamns will print to the message app
• fixed part manager when no props are present
• lua instances have log names now. S0 = system lua, V0 = first vehicle lua, V1 = second vehicle, etc
• Increased accuracy of friction
• improved tiremarks: now with better placement and sizing
• fixed bug in slidenodes: now resetting correctly
• added new lua function: setNodeMass (nodeid, mass)
• new 3D feature: decal roads have fading now, reducing the visible tri count a lot
• fixed 3D feature: re-added mieScattering setting for scattersky
• improved 3D feature: decal sorting now faster using two lists: one sorted, one unsorted
• new 3D feature: Add DecalRoad TS interface to get its nodes
• Doubled vehicle render distance from 250m to 500m
• Civetta Bolide Fixes
• Bolide door fix
• Moved Bolide interior camera forward
• reverted D15 to regular color map
• Fix for Grand Marshal driveshaft breaking while using brake and gas
v0.3.2.0 (28.06.2014):
• Improved message app: Added text to edit mode to prevent deletion
• Replaced loading screen videos with screenshots
• Level updates to work better with different time settings
• Increased number of vehicles tested in BANANA Bench to 10
• Fixed and improved bullettime: Not crashing anymore
• Better usage via keys (ALT + Arrow keys) and UI
• Added UI message on instability
• Minor improvements to new vehicle spawning
• Improved water shading in basic lighting
• Minor vehicle updates: Slidenode steering racks for all vehicles
• Fixed beam breaking debug: Enable debug mode and breaking beams will be printed to console again
• Fixed errors in javascript-lua interface
• Added function to call system lua

BeamNG DRIVE / (2015)

BeamNG DRIVE / (2015)

BeamNG DRIVE / (2015)

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