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FIFA 12 was the basis for a revolutionary new software kernel Player Impact Engine, ensuring compliance with the actual laws of physics for any interaction between the players on the field.You will feel all the nuances of the struggle for the ball as well as the real kicker. Player Impact Engine provides an infinite number of realistic options for the outcome of any collision. Now players will be able to lead a more natural fight for the ball and are easier to recuperate after a light collision.

Platform: PSP
Year: 2011
Genre: Sport
Language: RUS
Comments: RUS
Developer: Vatra Studios
Publisher: Electronic Arts
The format of the image of the game: CSO
Network mode: Yes
Multiplayer: Yes
Requirements Firmware: Check for 6.60 PRO B9

Revolutionary changes in the game concept make FIFA 12 (PSP) even more realistic and exciting.The new system increases the accuracy Precision Dribbling interaction with the ball during the game in a limited space and provides players more time to make decisions during the attack andadditional control over the course of the match. With the new system in the game Tactical Defending protection now requires the same strategic approach as the game offensively. Arrange players to intercept the transmission and control of the ball are equally important. Tactics is everything.

The behavior of the virtual players in the field is now controlled by the system Pro Player Intelligence, providing them the opportunity to make their own decisions according to their own skills andaccordance with the characteristics of the other team members. FIFA 12 (PSP) is the new look of the game series in everything - from the preparation for the match until the final whistle. The game has become more realistic and fast, got a new menu system, and includes more than 500 officially licensed clubs.

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