World of Warplanes (2012) torrent download

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World of Warplanes (2012)

Samoletnaya MMO, which is devoted to the air battles in the "steel bird" period of the 30's - 50-ies of the XX century - the heyday of the screw military aviation.

Multiplayer: Yes
Genre: MMORPG, Simulation
Platform: PC
Released: 2012

World of Warplanes will follow the good traditions of World of Tanks and start with only one game mode, two teams of 15 to 15 people will attack each other's base.Global card to make the release will probably not succeed.But then, winning the battle for the region in World of Tanks, the clans will be able to put additional anti-aircraft gun, to make life easier for his squadron.As reported by Western journalists, the game does not feature avtopritselivaniya, but her promise to add (actually - already there, just do it only show the alpha testers).The game is recommended to play on the joystick, but also provides control via mouse and keyboard - to be viable as such an alternative, time will tell.

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