X3: Albion Prelude (2011) torrent download

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The company Egosoft has announced a new game in the universe X, designed to be a "bridge" between the old and the new universe X, which will be presented has not yet been published X: Rebirth. The project, called X3: Albion Prelude, will be released December 15, 2011 and will be distributed via Steam.

The game's plot tells about the most large-scale war that erupted with little conflict between the Earth and the other races.Most large corporations universe X undercover war fighting for power, directing the event in a new direction.A technological breakthrough allowed to create huge accelerators, by which you can build a highway in space, which makes it an incredible opportunity in economic development.Space line will be one of the key features of X: Rebirth, but while they are being built that will be able to watch players in X3: Albion Prelude.

Released: 2011
Genre: Add-on / Simulator (Space) / 3D / Privateer / Trader
Developer: Egosoft
Released: Egosoft
Publication Type: License
Language: RUS / ENG
Sound language: ENG

Enable Multi language:
- Create a shortcut X3AP.exe
- To register in the properties "-language 7"

X3: Albion Prelude (2011)

- Mount image
- Install the game
- Copy files from SKDROW (located on the image) to a folder with a game with replacement
- Play

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