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The original mod was released in the summer of 2008 and was free.A remake of the same which will boast the best quality performance and a decent graphics, will be released in early 2012 and will redistribute through Steam.Dear Esther - experimental game, created as part of a research project of the University of Portsmouth.Despite the fact that it was created on the engine Half-Life 2, there is almost nothing left from the traditional first-person shooter.Dear Esther probably closer to the games-adventure, but most closely corresponds to the genre of games the phrase "interactive story."We leisurely explore the mysterious island, where the incomprehensible (at least yet) way was the main character, and admire the surrounding landscape.We do not lead to any particular point, the goal - to understand what is happening because we are at any time can go to any place on the island.Meanwhile, from time to time the voice-over will provide us with another piece of information, which in the process would have to be compared with the rest of the fragments to get the whole story.Salt in the fact that with each passing we will get a completely different combination.This happens due to the fact that the developers have prepared for each event with three different messages, which are randomly selected.The new version of the game running Pinchbek Dan, the author of the original, and Robert Brisk, who previously worked in the DICE. The game will boast better graphics, a complete processing environment and an updated sound.

Platform: PC
Release Date: February 14, 2012
Genre: Adventure, adventure, experiment

- Source engine version of Portal 2;
- Incredible atmosphere of loneliness;
- Crazy Art Design.

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