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Special module Havok - Havok Vehicle, includes everything that may be needed for the animation of the car. It implements Raycast vehicle. In general, car Havok - just a collection of bodies.

Released: 2012
Genre: Simulator
Developer: Kopavel
Published: Kopavel
Language: English

Requirements for the landscape in the context of Spin Tires:
- High speed physical animation scene (definition of intersections with the geometry of the landscape);
- Large size of the geometry of the landscape, with a fairly detailed topography;
- The possibility of introducing irregularities in the landscape: the addition of roads, blending multiple textures;
- The ability to make recess at an arbitrary point of the landscape, the size of the corresponding wheel.

Pros and cons of such a geometric object:
+ Minimum memory consumption;
+ The maximum possible speed;
- The inability of relief representation of different frequencies;
- Grid size must be greater than the radius of the bounding box of the object, which is checked;
collision - this is due to the specifics of determining the intersection with heightfield in Havok.

System requirements:
Havok SDK v.600, DirectX 9.0c, Shader model 2.0 capable video card
The Spin Tires was tested and worked ok on following configurations
Dual Core processor 2.01 Ghz
Windows XP SP2, Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista 7
GeForce 6800, GeForce 9800, ATI Radeon HD4850

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