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Astragon is a new simulator control bus from TML-Studies, previously created a series of World of Subways, City bus Simulator 2010, and Bus & Cable Car - Simulator. The demo version contains a simple bus (no accordion), with a single 72-m route.

Released: 2012
Genre: Simulator
Developer: TML-STUDIOS
Publisher: Excalibur-Publishing, Astragon
Language: English
Medicine: Not required / Time limit 90 minutes

- Realistic representation of the daily life of the driver of the bus:
- Several types of passengers and therefore the size of the fare;
- Misting;
- Display of the temperature of the engine, transmission oil, coolant, oil level;
- Multi-function LCD display;
- Tachograph and driver card account;
- Adjust your mirrors, sun visor, which opens the driver's seat;
- The need to comply with traffic rules and schedules;
- On the adequacy of the behavior of various types of vehicles and pedestrians, which follow a realistic AI;
- Exact copies of 3D-model bus, with realistic physics and technology, providing incredibly high degree of realism (to spoiler-scale map of the city);
- Huge, freely studied 3D-world, modeled after a real German city;
- Integrated function repainting buses.

System requirements:
Operating system:
Windows XP (sp3) / Vista / 7
x86 / x64

Minimum configuration:
CPU Dual-Core 2.6 GHz, RAM 2 Gb
VRAM 512 Mb, DirectX
6 Gb HDD

Recommended configuration:
CPU Quad-Core 3.0 GHz, RAM 4 Gb
VRAM 1024 Mb, DirectX
6 Gb HDD

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