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We offer the most fun and easy to space flight simulator for the day! Collect own rocket and launch it into space, limited only by your imagination!Your task - to build a spacecraft that can deliver a crew into space, while not killing them. To create a ship at your disposal is a set of components, each of which has its particular function and will affect the trajectory of (or will not).

Released: 2012
Genre: Simulation
Developer: Squad
Published: Squad
Language: English

- The building is build ships - allows players to build spaceships of any configuration.
- A full-featured, physics-based Flight Simulator by which all will fly (and fall) as it should.
- Procedural terrain generation with high detail and large scale - the radius of the planet Karbala - 600 km!
- Ability to modding - allows players to create new content and modify the game.
- Ship systems - keep an eye on the engine temperature, fuel level, and try not to explode.
- Build ships with several stages, and undock exhaust modules.
- Full control over creation allows you to build sophisticated ships with improved functionality.
- Flights are regularly saved to a file, to be renewed later. (Yes, persistence)
- Support for multiple simultaneous operations and switching from ship to ship.
- The station agent for Tracking Space Center, allows you to select and resume originating flight.
- Holding the middle mouse button will allow you to rotate the camera on the flight itself, rather than to rotate its center. (Double-click to re-focus its MMB)
- Plucked orbit to provide the map view to reduce clutter when a few characters - moused, finished in the same time.
- Planted or spill trial now show their position (or location, if available) when moused on the map view.
- More members of the team, so you can start the mission, while others are underway.
- Stats Tracking System, so we can collect the information of the game for statistical purposes. (Demo)
- Front-end loader module that allows manufacturers of cutting-edge program their own Modules section.
- The integrated system updates the game, so you do not have to re-download every time there's a new update.
- Little liquid fuel tank, a small liquid fuel engine and a new type of the Event Landing.

Bugs fixed:
- Corrected a bug with the symmetry in the VAB. (Demo)
- Fix a problem with the main camera, which would create sporadic moments of delays in the map. (Demo)
- Fixed a bug that caused the symmetric part of the link to lose one of their colleagues, leading to incorrect symmetrical placement. (Demo)
- Luggage flight is no longer able to go upside down.
- Orbital method camera will no longer change the orientation by switching sphere of influence.
- Fix a problem s.craft file saving and loading, which allows you to save the name of the vessel, regardless of the file name.
- Nedeformirovanie land the ship will no longer cause negimnastiku on it that could possibly destroy it.
- Soot / splashing court no longer show apoapsis symbol on the map view.
- Camera Card now responsible to the keyboard bindings for the zoom camera.
- Decouplers Now obey the second law of physics (Acceleration = Force / Mass)
- Decouplers Now obey the third law of physics (for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction).
- Fuel tanks RCS is now depleted, if placed symmetrically using symmetry.
- Returning to the logic of the system 13.1, because the changes made to the 13.2 were buggy. (Demo)

System requirements:
2.0Ghz Dual Core CPU
512MB Video Card, Shader Model 3.0
300MB Free HD space
Windows XP, Vista, 7

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