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Genre: RPG / 3D / Isometric
Developer: Larian Studios
Published: Larian Studios
Language: English | Multilingual
Лекарство: Присутствует (Singleplayer-|3DM|ALI213|LumaEmu|CODEX) и (Multiplayer-|Revolt|)

Divinity: Original Sin - a new part of the famous role-playing universe of Divinity, which is a prequel of the series kpervoy - Divine Divinity.The novelty is created with the expectation of co-op with two players. Accordingly, in the game the two main characters: a man, doomed to eternal punishment, and the girl, resurrected after the murder.The focus is on the interaction of the characters in the joint during the passage story campaign. What is interesting, the game will be fully implemented in an isometric style.

»3D RPG from the old school roots
"Exciting, team, turn-based battles
"Play in co-operative multiplayer mode and take part in cooperative dialogue
"Social stats form the relationship between the players
"Stay creator: Create your own (multiplayer) adventures and share them online
"Immerse yourself in the mysterious and epic story, which takes place in the early days of Rivellona
"Be a part of the reactant, the living world
"An infinite number of ways of interaction and combination of subjects
"Get new experience from the fight by manipulating the environment and using a combo of skills and spells
"Explore the world, containing a variety of locations, myriad creatures and tons of desirable artifacts

Официальный сайт игры тут. Обновлена при помощи Steam 15 сентября 2014 года до версии и включает все DLC
The Digital Collector's Edition contains:

В раздаче находится таблетки от (3DM|ALI213|LumaEmu|CODEX|Revolt). а также манифест файл для Steam лицензии
Язык текста меняется подменой файлов. Находятся в папке: ...\Divinity - Original Sin\Additional Language Steam Files!\)
Файлы выкачены со стима. не смотря на польскую папку, игра в этом случае официально на английском сейчас.
По умолчанию стоит официальный русский язык. Для изменения из папки ...\Divinity - Original Sin\Data\Localization\Russian\ скопировать надо Soundbanks и Video. это идентичные звуковые файлы любой версии.
Не официальная русификация для игры находится тут
• Герои
In this story the two main actors: learn what a terrible secret they share.
• Развитие
Classless character development system, many diverse abilities, an impressive Arsenal of weapons — improve your combat skills heroes as they please.
• Отряд
Encourage and recruit into your squad of soldiers. Develop General skills and spells — because a coordinated team can overcome even a superior number of the enemy.
• Диалоги
Evaluate the system of joint dialogues and remember — not necessary to agree with everyone...
• Вселенная
Travel and explore a vast world inhabited by many creatures. On his vast life abounds — you will find a lot of interesting meetings, tasks and... finds! Any item that you have managed to raise from the ground, they can use and even combine with other things.
• Тактика
Implement in battle tactics through thoughtful turn-based combat system, use terrain features, combine spells and skills of its fighters to arrange the rapid and coherent offensive.
• Выбор
Be careful: your every decision and action can lead to unexpected consequences.
• Мультиплеер
Play with other fans Divinity universe in a joint multi-user mode, developing a character at their discretion.
• Редактор
Using a broad set of tools for modding embody their own history in the world of Divinity and share it with other players.
• Саундтрек
Music for Divinity: Original Sin, just like previous games in the series, written by composer Kirill Pokrovsky, ex-keyboardist famous group "Aria" and "Master" — listen and enjoy.

1. Copy the game to a convenient location on your computer
2. При необходимости применить нужный NoDVD
3. Play
*Для обладателей лицензии имеется файл appmanifest_230230.acf

✔ Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7, 8
✔ Processor: Intel Core2 Duo E6600 or equivalent
✔ Memory: 2 GB
✔ Video: VIDIA GeForce 8800 GT and ATI Radeon HD 4850 with 512 MB
✔ Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX® 9.0
✔ Free space on hard drive: 11 GB


Divinity: Original Sin Digital Collector's Editio (2013 / PC / Rus) by Lordw007

Divinity: Original Sin Digital Collector's Editio (2013 / PC / Rus) by Lordw007

Divinity: Original Sin Digital Collector's Editio (2013 / PC / Rus) by Lordw007

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