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Developer: Numantian Games
Published: Numantian Games
Год: 14 ноября 2014г.
Publication Type: Digital License [DL]
Tablet: Is Present
Язык интерфейса: Английский, Испанский, Французский, Немецкий
Sound language: ENG


Lords of Xulima - party isometric role-playing game created by the studio Numantian Games.The game takes place on an unknown, mythical continent where once lived in ancient times, the creators of the world. The game features a huge world. We offered to take on the role of Gaul Traveler and select the five satellites to make the journey in the midst of the confrontation of gods and men.


Мы будем играть за протагониста, который будет продвигаться по сюжету, а так же сможем настроить спутников по своему вкусу.
The game features more than ten classes and hundreds of combat and survival skills to help.
The non-linear narrative. Along the way we meet the Tower of Magic, Divine Temples, wicked princess. All this we will investigate in accordance with our abilities.
The tactical turn-based battles, casual attacks enemies, choosing the right construction of the detachment. The acquisition of the scrolls, blessings, potions, food, and things travel.
Overwhelming, beautiful continent to explore: thick forests, arid deserts, ice cold and suffocating heat of the volcano, enhanced weather effects.
RPG developers were inspired by old Eastern and Western schools, using an intuitive interface.
Castles, towers, temples and caves steeped in mystery, filled with puzzles and deadly traps.
Beautiful, hand-drawn two-dimensional landscape with three-dimensional models of characters and combat animations.

Main features

Lords of Xulima
Версия игры 1.6 (от 2.02.15)

The Talisman of Golot
Special Digital Rewards

Steam ID: 296 570;
Steam-Rip is identical to the activated via Steam licensed copy of the game.

Install and run

Download distribution
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Install the distribution game
* Anti-Virus can swear on files pills during installation, disable all anti-virus software, and further add to the game folder as a favorite, what would all the files after you restart the drug remained in place.
** To install the licensed version of the Steam client must be closed!
If you do not start or is not saved, then run the game with administrator rights!


Select in the options game.

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