Prince 3: The New Dynasty. Collector's Edition (2009) PC torrent download

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Genre: RPG, Action
Developer: 1C / Snowball Interactive
Year: 1999 - 2009
1.0 Collector's edition [Games the latest version]
Language: RUS
Tablet: Is Present

System requirements: Windows XP, Vista, Se7en
minimum configuration
CPU 1.5 GHz, RAM 512 Mb
VRAM 128 Mb, DirectX, Shader Model
HDD 2.5 Gb
Recommended configuration
CPU 2.4 GHz, RAM 1 Gb
VRAM 256 Mb, DirectX 9.0
3 Gb HDD

The legend returns: for the first time in one publication contains four games of the famous series of "Prince"!

As if by magic, will appear before the player all the mighty heroes will revive the glorious traditions of forest land and open a new milestone in the history of the legendary world.

The epoch of the Titans, the empty throne of the Grand Duchy. Many brave warriors and adventurers began to fight for the title of lords, and the outcome of their duel to decide Bogatyrsky sword.

Become the Prince and write your own history of the Forest of the country!
Installation Instructions:
Mount image file Prince 3. The new dynasty. Collector izdanie.mdf using emulation software dvd-drive
Set by following the prompts of the installer
The list of installed games is carried out during installation
During the installation settings, select Custom installation to avoid installation of "loyalty programs, such as unnecessary buns from"

Upon completion of a successful installation, the game is ready to launch.

Prince 3: The New Dynasty activated manually copy the files from the folder "Prince 3. NoCd", run the patch, more in readme.Zapusk after the treatment is carried out from the folder with the game, can not run from your desktop.


- Prince: Legends of forest land (6 September 1999)

"Prince: Legends of forest land" - role-playing game, the story is based on the stories of the universe, "Annals of the times." Everything in this game is shrouded in mysterious mist of legends and rumors.The game has an absolutely complete freedom of action of the character, and the interactivity of the game world.The combat system design is based on a set of calculations that take into account the huge number of various parameters of the character and the current situation. In addition to well thought-out combat system, the game boasts a huge variety of quests that can be solved in different ways.

- Prince 2 (21 February 2003)

"Prince 2: Blood of the Titans", which tells about the Amulet of the Dragon, which started in the game "Prince of the Forest Legends of the country.". Something went wrong as it should, and the protagonist of the last part becomes evil.So you have to go a long way and beat him in the final battle.Now the game has the ships, so that you are not limited by the movement of land and can go on a long voyage to uncharted lands. And do not forget that now you hunt not only the evil monsters forest land, but also all sorts of rogues, pirates and soldiers of the Grand Master.

- Prince 2: Continuation of the legend (23 January 2004)

Prince 2: Continuation of the legend. " Having gained a powerful bracelet "Lord", Dragomir hero was sure that made everything about what can only dream of death. But the victory turned into defeat.The news of the return band from obscurity came to the leader of the clan of Yellow dogs of the desert - the eternal enemy of forest land.
To seize the priceless artifacts and conquer the proud people, the enemy sends to the green banks of the mighty army. Overcoming fierce resistance of local residents, the ruthless warriors of persistently moving forward, sowing death and destruction around, leaving behind a mountain, tears and flames of fires ...
Will there be a hero, that will stop the invasion of the desert yellow dog? And what price to pay for this forest country?

- Count 3: The New Dynasty (November 6, 2009)

"Prince 3: The New Dynasty" will take you to the legendary world full of adventures and dangers. This world is built upon the mythology of the three great peoples - Slavs, Scandinavians and Byzantines.After the end of the era of Titans, glorious heroes and the great lords of the past. Now is the time for new heroes and new exploits, because the Grand Duchy throne freed from its last owner. A struggle for power, and the outcome of the match can be solved only by the legendary sword Bogatyrsky.
Look for this great artifact and become a prince forest land.

Prince 3: The New Dynasty. Collector's Edition (2009) PC

Prince 3: The New Dynasty. Collector's Edition (2009) PC

Prince 3: The New Dynasty. Collector's Edition (2009) PC

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