Arcania: Gothic 4 - Gold Edition / Arcania: Gothic 4 - Gold Edition (2011) PC torrent download

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Year: 2011
Publishing Type: RePack by nelex
Genre: RPG, 3D, 3rd Person
Developer:: Spellbound Entertainment / JoWooD Entertainment / Nordic Games Publishing
Platform: Windows XP / Vista / Se7en
Version: 1.1496.0.0
Language: RUS
Sound language: RUS
Tablet: Not required (DRM-Free)

System requirements:
Core 2 Quad / Phenom X4 2.5 GHz
4GB Memory
GeForce GTX 280 / Radeon HD 3800
11 GB hard drive

The game "Gothic 4: Arkania" comes in an exciting and beautiful world, which attracts players of its wonderful landscapes and unsolved mysteries.Zones with different climatic conditions, rich and diverse flora and fauna, dark dungeons, towns and ancient castles to the magnificent architecture - all waiting for the new seekersadventure. Graphics in the game is amazing - day and night, overcast sky clouds, light and shadow, wind and rain will not leave anyone indifferent.Realistic sound effects and wonderful music tracks even deeper immerses players in a atmosphere of peace Arcania, a entangled plot, a lot of jobs and well-designed combat system will not allow them to be bored for many memorable hours spent playing.
Features repack "

- Do not cut / no recoded
- Full Russian version of "Gothic 4: Arcania" and "Arcania: Fall Setarrif".
- Have the latest patches and fixes.
- Installed on the main game modes:
1. Removal of the screen flicker when a bloody color YY is less than 20% of life.
2. Ability to run in buildings.
3. New textures for trol.
- Installed events to complement:
1. Resurrection of FireDragon.
description fashion

Home fashion -
- Improved combat system
- Improved AI
- More complex passage
- Fixes and taking away clues
- Changes in the gaming world

- For food prices have increased by 10 times
- On potions Prices decreased in 2 times
- Rates plants decreased by 2 times
- On alchemical equipment prices decreased by 2 times
- Prices of trophies increased 5 times
- Prices in the trash partially increased by 2 times
- Prices for rings declined in 10 times
- On charms Prices fell 5 times
- Bracers Prices decreased in 2 times
- Prices for spell scrolls fell 5 times
- Removed a greenish effect in opponents with a powerful attack
- Obsessed setarriftsy got more realistic uniforms
- Two-legged opponents are now armed with magical weapons or power + often carry a couple of artifacts
- The character first substantially cut entry equipment
- Removed a constant amount of gold for the killing of all the mobs
- Cut a few items
- Removed medical bandages
- Plants can be eaten
- Do novovybrannyh characters are now nothing developed. The player is given the opportunity to spend all the points of learning at their own discretion
- Grass shnyga Now allows to run faster, Bog causes glitches and solar berries improve vision in the dark
- Skeletons and people-enemies with bows or crossbows got quivers
- Do kadogo class character appeared some changes in bleeding
- Health, mana and stamina is no longer arbitrarily increased with increasing level
- Increased the Experience gained for killing certain monsters
- Opponents have become faster attack
- The probability of reflection of your attack in combat is much higher
- You can walk with a raised shield and do bounce back
- The opponents become stronger and sturdier
- Raised panel can automatically block the rapid impact of the opponent is not more than 60gradusov
- Combining key movement and bounce, you can make rolls
- Leap requires 10 units. Stamina
- The camera is no longer flies in battle
- Removed the "blood" effect on the screen at the health level of less than 50%
- After the rain puddles remain longer on earth
- A new game begins at night
- The color of the inscriptions in the game - gray
- Removed a huge cloud tips
- Removed infinite "zaklikivanie"
- Fixed text part
- Corrected the name of the mobs
- New soundtrack from the menu
- New strip features
- New menu and logo
- And a couple of small things
It is important!
- In the settings do not assign commands to the Y and Q key (this is a rebound)
Repacked by nelex

Arcania: Gothic 4 - Gold Edition / Arcania: Gothic 4 - Gold Edition (2011) PC

Arcania: Gothic 4 - Gold Edition / Arcania: Gothic 4 - Gold Edition (2011) PC

Arcania: Gothic 4 - Gold Edition / Arcania: Gothic 4 - Gold Edition (2011) PC

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