Warlock / Dispel (1999) PC torrent download

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Genre: RPG
Developer: Abalon Entertainment / E2Soft
Platform: PC
Version: 1.43
Language: RUS
Tablet: enclosing

System requirements:
Win9x / WinXP / Win7
CPU 300 MHz, 64 Mb, 16 Mb Video, SB,

You have to help to end the war and to free people from tyranny warlock.After the War of the Gods, in Dvani it was formed under the name of the kingdom AESH, which was under the control of two masters, King and Priest.Over time, Dwan was divided into four kingdoms (DIMONLON, AESH, YAMM, Sheregi), and people were eager to master the powerful and strong to keep the peace in Dvani.Elected by the people the priest worked very hard, but unfortunately, suddenly, he died. Took advantage of the young warlock named Piazzi, he seized power over the four kingdoms.

Features repack

Do not cut / no recoded.
All the components in place.
Patched to 1.43

Warlock / Dispel (1999) PC

Warlock / Dispel (1999) PC

Warlock / Dispel (1999) PC

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