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Genre: RPG
Developer: Games Foundry
Издательство: Games Foundry
Сайт разработчика:
Language: English
Platform: PC

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon X2, or equal at 1.6GHz
Оперативной памяти: 1024 MB RAM2048 MB RAM
Free space on HDD: 585 MB
Video Card: DirectX 9.0c-compatible

Games of the events in a fantasy world has produced so much that developers is difficult to say something new in this genre.Among Games Foundry decided to go on the other side and collect in one game all the stereotypes of fantasy, to make fun of them and force the player to smile.The new draft Folk Tale playing should be at the head of the fabulous villages and a lot of effort to bring it to greatness and prosperity.However, to achieve this will not be easy, because one of the main sources of problems are the villagers themselves, thinking is not primarily about the public interest, and on their own. Развивайте экономику, накапливайте ресурсы, стройте здания, но не забывайте присматривать torrentgamesnet за своим сказочным народцем.This common strategy for storyline will end when the villagers kidnapped by the evil wizard URZA. Here Folk Tale turns out strategy role-playing game.Now you need to gather a gang of misfits shabby life, together with them to go on a dangerous journey across the frozen ground, volcanoes and swamps suspicious.Among the enemies that will meet on the way, will be posing as gangsters goblins and owning a kung fu monks.If you feel that your wards themselves can not cope, then the person can rush into battle (the camera at the same time change the look "from outside" to look at "eyes").An unexpected ally become a magician Meydzhflauer seeking, like you, abducted residents of his village. His magic would have come in handy when the power of your soldiers are not enough.

• Sandbox Player: Added Arbalist unit (trainable at Barracks)
• Sandbox Player: Gear now updates character sheet Attack, Armor Ratings and Resistances
• Sandbox Player: Added a console[]. It has support for various commands such as “kill nearby enemies” or “heal allies” or “day” or “gold”.
• Sandbox Player: Special abilities prototype (see Dec Comments)
• Sandbox Player: Added Tier 1 Wall Towers Damage Visuals
• Sandbox Player: Updated icons for train unit on building dialog to support multiple unit types
• Sandbox Player: New map added ‘Stinking Swamp’
• Sandbox Player: Auto-Grass system updated to detect surface material and tint grass
• Sandbox Player: Fishing economy chain completed (villagers now consume fish)
• Sandbox Player: I (capital i) is now hotkeyed to global inventory (see Dev Comments)
• Sandbox Player: C is now hotkeyed to character sheet (see Dev Comments)
• Sandbox Player: Tab hotkey now cycles through selected units when the character sheet is open
• Sandbox Player: Corpse sparkles are now always lootable and don’t require nearby friendly units
• Sandbox Player: Auto AI toggle is now enabled on the circular character portrait. Turn it off to prevent units such as the Hunter returning to work
• Sandbox Editor: Added Swamp Environment Kit
• Sandbox Editor: Added Swamp Ruins Kit
• Sandbox Editor: Added more loot items (see Game Guide on website for info)
• Sandbox Editor: Loot armor items now have their armor ratings set, and the correct sfx
• Sandbox Editor: Added kit with invisible camera colliders and navmesh cuts
• Sandbox Editor: Undead added to Wave Spawning system
• Sandbox Character Designer: Added Arbalist uniform
Bug Fixes
• #0106 Sandbox Player: Decals (Roads, Cobwebs etc) Flickering
• #0107 Sandbox Player: Peasants don't do any damage
• #0108 Sandbox Player: Enemies and villagers are regenerating health during combat
• #0109 Sandbox Editor: Moving pieces with navmesh cuts causes large frame rate drop
• #0110 Tutorial: Intro Movie Not Playing on OSX (game inaccessible)

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