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Year of release: 01.05.2002 (USA)/04.10.2002 (Russia)
Edition type: repack/copyright build
Genre: RPG
Developer: Bethesda Softworks
Language: Russian
The voice language: Russian
Tablet: Not required / mini-image

02.04.15 UPDATE 2

"Morrowind - a game that lasts forever" (c).

My parents bought me a computer back in 1999, one of the first in the class. Naturally, they thought they were buying it for study, but no such luck. It seems, then it was a top-end system - Pentium II 400 MHz, Nvidia Riva TNT 2 32 MB. My happiness knew no bounds. Then I found out about Quake 2, Carmageddon, Heroes 3, and I sucked. To fight my gaming addiction parents had set strict time limits, which I still violated, while they weren't home.
In 2002 they released Morrowind, which I somehow did not go. Maybe not enough CPU power, and maybe the hard drive was trashed junk and needed to be defragmented. Or it was necessary to update the driver. To ask there was nobody, and the Internet was a luxury. In Morrowind then play failed, and I'm so jealous of my classmates who by that time bought the third Pentium and which breaks in a strange language I was hotly discussed some "Daedra" and "Telvanni".
As time went on. I went to University. I bought my first laptop. Second. Oblivion Came Out. Skyrim... Morrowind was forbidding forgotten. Later I ran across an interesting passage, tried several times to start playing "Morro" myself, but didn't cling. Didn't have that awe that I once watched from their peers. Whether he had caused the rejection of outdated graphics, I was already a hostage YOBA casual games. I decided that my train was gone and wished that I was able to play Morrowind back in 2002.
In 2014 I accidentally came across the global Assembly of Morrowind with new textures, "Fullrest Repack", it was awesome! Probably the first time I have felt the very unique atmosphere for a long time and fell out of reality. Compelling characters, non-linear quests, crafted world, amazing soundtrack – everything in Morrowind was perfect so much so that I played, I lived in torrentgamesnet it. I began to understand the causes of endless and unconditional delight oldfagov, and I'm afraid to even imagine what ecstasy were pioneers of thirteen years ago. However, in every such Assembly had their drawbacks. There was something extra, something, much, is not enough. I got the idea to collect his global modification, which have a nice visual component, maximum performance, minimalism and canonicity. I wanted to take "naked" Morrowind and not touching the gameplay and the atmosphere, careful to tie it to high resolution textures. Using materials resources, fullrest.EN, (huge thanks to them) and own experience, I tried to put this idea into practice. The creation of this Assembly was a month of clean time is a short period for such a project, but decent for someone my age. So, what awaits potential Nerevarin?

• The assembly is based on the edition of the Game of the Year Edition Version 1.6.1820 includes official and add-ons, Tribunal and Bloodmoon, as well as the eight official plugins, localized and corrected the game connoisseurs.
• Build patched last Morrowind Code Patch 2.1 and General Fixes Mod 6.3.1., So there should not be a critical bugs, holes, translation errors, lack of logic and other troubles.
• The Assembly includes the latter currently render MGE XE 0.9.10, which still performs miracles with the graphics, and for the first time acquired an important interface scaling feature, which can save vision.
• In the assembly, there is no acid ENB, unnatural color filters, bright autumn trees, lush green meadows, etc. Keep the original semi-desert environment and color palette.
• The assembly is fundamentally does not include plug-ins that change the gameplay and balance. In my opinion, Morrowind, and so quite a complex and multifaceted game, especially for those who play after Oblivion and Skyrim.For the same reason, the assembly does not include new items, armor and weapons. Only retekstura existing in the original.
• The assembly includes all the most popular and repleysery retekstura already fallen into the category of "classics." Some textures have been edited, some are made from scratch.
• In the Assembly used original sounds. I think many of them will evoke nostalgia and goose bumps.
• In the Assembly added a new main menu cut out useless introductory videos, titles, and boot images. The Intro at the beginning of a new game has been restored in HD.
• Assembly is passable. The author personally completed the main quest, fighters Guild quests, thieves, mages, House Hlaalu quests. No bugs with missing levers, doors, impossible quests, etc. were noticed. For two months of game time to move on.

That is probably all. The rest - this is the same good old Morrowind, our favorite for its unique atmosphere, which I tried not to spoil. In no case do not claim to be the innovator and certainly the copyright holder for any portion of the resulting Assembly – she has a lot of authors.I do not want to give the name of the assembly screaming pathos, but have not to lose among others. Let there be a «Tribute to Nerevar», in tribute Indorilu Nerevar Mora. I wish you an enjoyable game, but ... does it make sense? After all, do not play Morrowind - Morrowind live ...
Build yourself successfully shown in the following configuration: i5 3317U 1.7 GHz, 4GB, 500Gb, 5400rpm, NVidia GT635M 2Gb, Win7 x64. This FPS on open spaces rarely drops below 25 frames / sec.Guaranteed performance assembly systems with configuration similar to or greater than specified.
The original Morrowind has a very modest requirements for modern hardware, but the graphics in this Assembly can be configured so that the game will turn into a slide show. It all depends on you. About configuring schedules will be discussed separately.

• Run the installer and follow the prompts. To run the installer may take a while.
• After installation is complete (~ 3 minutes), mount the mini image Morrowind.iso in a virtual drive. Mini-image is located in the game folder. This can be done, for example, using Daemon Tools.
• Perform pre-run the game, so she made the necessary keys in the registry, and without starting a new game, close it.
• Run the utility MGEXEgui.exe, set your screen resolution in the tab "Graphics."
• Make sure that your system is installed the required game DirectX 9.0c ( and Microsoft Visual C ++ ( / torrent / 359423).
• Play.

• By default, the MGE disabled shaders, anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering. By incorporating these features can dramatically improve the graphics in the game. You can also generate a higher quality landscape.Details about setting clear and MGE XE can be read here:, but in general it is quite intuitive and easy to set up.
• The scale of the interface is changed in the tab "Graph" utilities MGEXEgui.exe. The default is 1.0. The optimal values for display 1366x768: 1.0-1.3, for displays of 1920x1080 and above: 1.5-1.8.For values ​​greater magnitude 1.3 on the small displays are no longer displayed some of the buttons - they go beyond the boundaries of the screen.
• If you have a monitor that supports 1920x1080 and more, I recommend run the utility Morrowind Code Patch.exe and mark the parameter "Fixed size of books and scrolls." View magazine and reading of literature will be more convenient.
• The game is enabled by default avtobeg. If you like, as in the original, run only by pressing Caps Lock, Morrowind.ini open in Notepad and set the value Always Run, equal to 0.
• The assembly included plug-in shelving assassins attack the Dark Brotherhood. Their attacks start when the player is sufficiently known.If you want to Dark Brotherhood, the original has come for the soul of the protagonist after the first sleep, run Morrowind Launcher.exe and uncheck DB_Attack_Mod_1C.esp.
• Simplified management user interface. The dialogue window, books and scrolls now you can close the gap. To take the whole "pack" of items from the inventory, just click on it. To take one item out of the pack, you have to hold Ctrl. To open the dialog box select the number of items you have to hold Shift.
• The assembly includes a modified Text.dll, which allows you to write in Russian. Languages ​​are switched by pressing the Scroll Lock.
• Do not use NoCD, it will lead to malfunction of the entire assembly. It is advisable to start a new game.
• Ask your questions in the comments, I'll try to help.

When moving to a new version of the Assembly you can use the old save. The list of changes can be found below.

UPDATE 1 (28.02.15)
Fixed zoom settings by default, because of which the owners of small displays are not seen OK in the selection window mark. Now the default zoom equal 1.0. Added recommendations for masturbirovala interface.
Disabled by default fix MCP removes the bonus to the chance of damage blindness. Previously users have complained about zero chance of damage while wearing, for example, boots of blinding speed.
Cut plugin Key Replacer by Daduke, which didn't open some doors.
Enhanced texture of sight, reduced its size.
Partially applied replejser icons Ultimate Icon Replacer.
Replaced by the texture of the journal and bookmark copyright high resolution.

UPDATE 2 (02.04.15)
The newly generated texture of the landscape with emphasis on minimalism and performance. Reduced the amount of grass. Vvardenfell it's not taiga.
Classic fixed vanilla bug with Siracusa Accusam that do not provide services training, by changing the order in the list of plugins.
Fixed wrong position in the list of plugins Graphic Herbalism and Graphic Herbalism Extra.
Is fixed at the entrance to the Center of the puzzle Canal, caused by an incorrect path to the texture.
Fixed a bug with the gap in the Ghostly Ghostly Limit outside the Gates.
Fixed bug with incorrect position of the mesh steam_lavariver.nif is about the Dwemer ruins of odrosal.
Cut out unnecessary languages from MGE XE.
Cut the plug LeveledMagicka that increase your maximum mana with each level.
Cut plugin Particle Arrow Replacer. The plugin is conflicting with the game, and glowing arrowheads bothering to aim
Added the official manual from 1C. Recommended reading not only for beginners but also for experienced players, is a very interesting and informative document.
Added a new main menu, changed the music main menu (inspired by the theme of "The Prophecy Fulfilled" from the official soundtrack)
In the game by default "quick magic." This feature allows the player to immediately cast a spell from any position, using the button "Make magic", instead of first having to switch to witchcraft. You can cast with weapons in hand. NPC is also a concern, so they will become more dangerous.
Now by default, NPCs can use their racial abilities. For example, the NPC-the Dunmer will cast in combat the light and so.
For the sake of realism in the game is disabled by default displaying of traps, locked castles, as well as their levels. About the presence of the castle tell the sound of locked objects. To determine the trap can now only probe. When lockpicking will still display notifications.

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind - Tribute to Nerevar (2015) PC | Repack

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind - Tribute to Nerevar (2015) PC | Repack

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind - Tribute to Nerevar (2015) PC | Repack

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