The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim & Dawnguard & Hearthfire + MegaMod's Edition Pack (2012 / PC / Repack / Rus | Eng) From Arond Torrent

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Genre: RPG, 3D, 1st, Person, 3rd, Person
Developer: Bethesda Game Studios
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Published in Russian: Softklab
Language: Multilingual
Language: Multilingual / English (Hearthfire)
Game Version:
Publication Type: Repack (game + DLC + Mod's)

┊ System requirements:
operating system
Windows XP / Vista / 7
minimum configuration
CPU Core 2 Duo 2.7 GHz, RAM 2 Gb
VRAM 512 Mb, DirectX
12 Gb HDD

┊ Description:
After the assassination of the King of Skyrim empire was on the brink of disaster. Around the pretenders to the throne rallied new alliances, and conflict broke out. Moreover, as predicted by the ancient Scrolls, have returned to the world of brutal and merciless dragons.
Now the future of Skyrim, and the whole empire depends on the Dragonborn - the man in whose veins flows the blood of legendary creatures. Only the hero, using the power given him Voters will be able to confront the Dragon. And that you have to play its role and determine the fate of Tamriel!

In addition Dawnguard users will be in the middle of a war between vampires and defenders of humanity. Join any faction, users will get a lot of unique skills.Also interesting storyline in role-playing game will be a few new skill tree. They can improve the ability of users who play for werewolves or vampires.

In addition Hearthfire hero allowed to acquire their own housing - players will be able to design and build a house for his character, and then take his arrangement, hanging onwall trophies and arranging the rooms furnished.At the same time the house has and practical purpose - with the help of garden, workshop and laboratory hero can grow alchemical ingredients and create new potions and items.At the same time the most to deal with all troubles are not necessarily - it will allow to hire an assistant. Once established, the hero will be able to bring into the house and his wife have a baby.

MegaMod's Edition Pack - build mods designed to improve visual and aural component of the game, a variety of game Arsenal and solutions to many problems encountered in the basic version.
This preserves the original atmosphere of the game. Each mode is carefully selected and tested so as not to destroy the spirit of the game a stunning and destroy the delicate balance of the game.


Create a unique character and do in the wizarding world everything you want. Skyrim incorporated all the features of proprietary series The Elder Scrolls: freedom of choice, the ability to write the history of Tamriel and experience an unforgettable adventure.
Skyrim developed a new game engine, which allowed the creators to implement a holistic world in which there was a place and rocky mountains and bustling cities and fertile fields, and ancient dungeons.
Choose what is right for you, hundreds of types of weapons, spells, and abilities.
Fight monsters that threaten the lands of Tamriel. Having played the role of Dragonborn, Learn the secrets of ancient heroes and finding peace of their power.

Description added modifications

Settings and corrections
Unofficial Skyrim Patch - an unofficial patch for Skyrim v1.2.5
Unofficial Dawnguard Patch - an unofficial patch for Dawnguard v1.1.3
Unofficial Hearthfire Patch - an unofficial patch for Hearthfire v1.0.2
SKSE - extends the scripting language of the game, better optimization of scripts
Skyrim Performance - automatically cleans the unused buffer memory cells every 5 minutes, which is pretty much raises the FPS
No Loading Smoke - the smoke clears when downloading games
Unique Region Names - replace the name of the current location on the name of the actual current location when loading the game: before all was the inscription "Skyrim"

Global fashion
Rebalance Light - completely redone in-game coverage while maintaining the original color palette
Rebalance Light Performance - corrects the shadows, the color of the mountains and improves optimization for fashion RL
Climates Of Tamriel - global processing of natural effects of weather and adds new textures and sounds
Climates Of Tamriel - Nights Level 3 - making the night a little lighter (that was in the original)
Moonpath to Elsweyr - adds a vast territory - Elsweyr, and with it new tasks, weapons and armor, sounds, voice acting of the characters and their own music
Horse Buran - adds a quest chain to give a unique horse in the end
Towns and Villages Enhanced - adds more objects in settlements
Towns and Villages Enhanced - Riverwood - adds more objects in Riverwood
Towns and Villages Enhanced - Whiterun - adds more objects in Whiterun
Towns and Villages Enhanced - Whiterun Exterior - adds more objects outside Whiterun
Towns and Villages Enhanced - Riften - adds more sites in the Rift
Towns and Villages Enhanced - Solitude - adds more objects in Solitude
Towns and Villages Enhanced - Windhelm - adds more objects in Windhelm
Towns and Villages Enhanced - Markarth - adds more objects in Marquart

ENB - ENB module adds a new graphical effects and modifies the lighting in the game
Realistic Overhaul - replaces more than 1,200 models of HD textures
Realistic Overhaul for Dawnguard - replaces more than 200 models of HD textures in addition Dawnguard
Skyrim HD - 2K Textures - replaces more than 600 models of HD textures
Dwemered Textures - replaces the texture Dwemer ruins HD models
Trees HD Skyrim Variation - adds new natural effects (beetles on stumps, nests) and replaces more than 100 models of HD textures
Re-Defined Dungeons - replaces the texture dungeons HD models
HQ Towns and Villages - replaces the texture of towns and villages HD models
HQ College of Winterhold - replaces the texture board Vintreholda HD models
Dead Hare or Hanging Rabbit Retexture - replaces the texture of the dead rabbit carcasses HD models
Ruins Clutter Improved - replaces the texture nordskih ruins HD models
Better Bedroll - replaces the texture of the sleeping bag HD model
HD Baskets Retexture - replaces the texture of baskets HD models
HD Linens - replaces the texture of linen HD models
Not Really HD Keys - replaces the key HD texture models
Vampire Lord Retexture - replaces the texture vampire lord HD model
Improved Footwraps for Females - replaces the texture of women's winding leg HD model
Real Ice - replaces the texture of ice HD models
W.A.T.E.R. - Replaces the texture of water HD models
Bonus W.A.T.E.R. - Now the character and rocks in the water, get wet, and the water behaves more realistic on the bends
Enhanced Blood Textures - replaces the texture Blood HD models
Enhanced Blood Textures - Dawnguard - adds compatibility with Dawnguard
Bellyaches Animal and Creature Pack - build mods from HD textures for animals
Ash - replaces the texture of ash HD models
Hybrids HD Plants and Herbs Retexture - replaces the texture of plants and herbs HD models
Lighting - lighting redone by magic and torches
Skyrim Flora Overhaul - replaces the texture trees HD models
Books - replaces the texture of books with spells HD models
Skeletons - replaces the texture skeletons HD models
High Quality 3D Map - replaces the texture of the game card HD model
A Clear World Map - With Clouds - removes a cloud on the map
A Quality World Map - With Roads - shows the map of the road
I Wash - removes dirt from male bodies
No Dirty Bodies - removes dirt from the women's bodies
Great Sword Sheaths and Scabbards - adds sheath two-handed weapon
HD Torch - replaces the texture torch HD model
Drachis Argonians - build mods from HD textures for Argonians
Insanitys City Banner Replacer - replaces the texture banners HD models
Realistic Smoke and Embers - improved visuals with smoke and fire
Silly Level of Detail - replaces the texture bottles HD models
Silly Level of Detail: Ceramic - replaces the texture vials with potions HD models
Deadly Spell Impacts - retekstura effects after using magic
Detailed Chests Texture Replacers - replaces the texture chests HD models
HD Money - money replaces the texture HD model
Ngot Texture Pack - replaces the texture ingots HD models
Better Females - replaces the texture persons women HD models
Detailed Books and Notes Paper - replaces all paper textures HD models
CoverKhajiits - replaces the texture Khajiiti HD models
Improved Dragon Textures - replaces the texture Dragons HD models
Better Atronachs HD - replaces the texture Atronach HD models
Light Lived - slightly illuminates the ore veins after ore mining light disappears
Food HD - replaces the texture of food ingredients and HD models
Dragon Glyphs HD - replaces the texture of dragon words HD models
Table & Map - replaces the texture of the alchemical and enchants tables Russified name to texture maps
Langley's Wood, Metal and Stone Workshop - replaces the texture of wood, metal and stone objects HD models
High Res Wood and Stonework - replaces the texture of some wooden objects HD models
Get Snowy - Now if it is snowing, then it starts to stick to the clothes and bodies of the characters
Improved Rock and Mountain - replaces the texture of mountains and hills HD models
Finer Dust - Dust HD replaces the texture models
Pond Fish Retexture - replaces the texture of fish quality models
Tattered Banners - replaces the texture banners HD models
Burn Freeze Shock Effects - adds a new graphical effects corpses
HQ Workbench - replaces the texture bench HD model
The Eyes Of Beauty - Eye HD replaces the texture models
HQ Hair - Hair texture replaces the HD models
HQ Beards - Beard HD replaces the texture models
HQ Brows - Eyebrow HD replaces the texture models
Enhanced Night Skyrim - replaces the texture night sky HD models
Intricate Spider Webs - replaces the texture web HD models
Perk Retexture - replaces the texture windows abilities HD models

Archery Pro - speeds up the flight of arrows for 50% ispravlet boom position by pulling on the real bug fixes "arrow stuck in the air," adds the sound of the shot from a bow
Realistic Ragdolls and Force - change the physics of falling bodies in favor of realism
The Cartographers Map Markers - points on the map all the important places: markets, taverns, churches, and also allows you to teleport to them as to the gate of the city
Morning Fogs - adds the morning mist near watercourses
Rainbows - adds a rainbow after the rain
Craftable Bedroll - adds a portable sleeping bags
Killable Children - makes children mortals
Improved Cooking - adds new dishes
Clams Drop Pearls - allows you to get pearls from mussels
Move it Dammit - more than companions will not be stuck in doorways
Dynamic Fires - allows you to put out the fire and ice magic light magic fire
Follower Trap Safety - satellites will not step on the trap
The Paarthurnax Dilemma - extends the quest chain for murder Parturnaksa: now you can not convince the Blades to kill this dragon
Magic Duel - creates the possibility of a collision between two magical powers
Mounted Followers - satellite receives his horse, if you have it
Gender & Race Heights - adjusts the height of characters (for example, men and women are different sizes)
Kill them Generals - makes it possible to kill the enemy general (quest still can not kill)
Birds and Flocks - adds a flock of birds in the sky
Birds of Skyrim - adds the birds on city streets
Dragons Update - strengthens base harAktёristiki Dragons
Shot CD - slightly reduces the time between shouts
Balanced Companions - Done associates increased by 40%
Followers can Relax - adds the ability to tell his companions about the rest, and they will do their own thing: eat, sleep, wander around the neighborhood, but not far from the player to depart
Cart in Each Big Town - adds carts in all major cities
Forging Arrows - allows you to create boom
Armour Perks for No Helmets - added perks, the study of which the player receives a bonus for the full set of armor without equipment helmet
Better Hunting Prices - slightly increased prices for skins, fur and meat
No NPC Greetings - umenshenaet distance greetings NPC hero
Milk & Juice - adds a milk and juice
Expensive Carts - raises prices for wagons in favor of logic
Populated Cities - adds a new NPC in the towns and villages, they will walk, do their own thing, to eat, drink, sleep ... (each of them has its own schedule)
Every Man Who Can - at danger (for example, when the dragon attack) people are trying to save: will run, run into the house and tavern; on custody does not act, they will continue to defend the village

Improved Combat Sounds - replaces the sounds of battle more realistic
Sounds of Nature - replaces the sounds of fire more realistic
Better Horse Pain Sounds - replaces the sounds of horses on a natural
My Dear Bards - Bards improves the sound of music
Better Animal Footsteps - better sounds, which publishes the animals while driving
Thundering Shouts - adds cries 2nd and 3rd degree of the effect of thunder
Better Weapon Swings - improves the sound when swing of arms
Real Arrows SFX - improves the sound of the shot from a bow

Dance of Death - adds new finishing
New Animation with a Two-handed Weapon - replaces the standard animation fight with two-handed weapons more realistic
New Animation with Two Blades - replaces the animations run with two knives on a more natural

SkyUI - replaces the interface of inventory and magic on the menu more comfortable and functional
SkyUI Fix - doperevedeno Magic Menu
FavoritesMenu - adds a menu of favorite division into different categories of items and spells, making it much more functional
Better Dialog Controls - greatly simplifies navigation in dialogs
KENMod - Time - displays the current time download

New equipment in the game
Assassin Accessories - Accessories add assassin: a set of arrows, knives zkinzhalov and metatalnyh
Dagger of King Snakes - Adds a new dagger
Evening Star - adds a new necklace
Blood Witch Armor - adds a new armor
Obsidian Axe - adds a new ax
Dreadweave Axes - adds a new ax
Nicos Raven Swords - adds a new blade
Nicos Scimitars - adds a new scimitar
Wyrmfang - adds a new sword and dagger
The Bow of Drow - adds a new bow
For the Brotherhood Daggers - adds a new blade
Nicos Craftable Arrows - adds new boom
Sabre Cat Gear Mod Pack - adds a set of armor and weapons
Sabre Gear Backpack - adds to the game backpacks
Vressing - adds a bandage and dwarven points
Hedge Knight Armor - adds a new armor
Winter Is Coming - Cloaks - adds a cape
JaySuS Swords - adds a set of weapons
Sizaen - adds a new bow
A Steel Heater Shield - adds a new shield
Blade Set - adds a set of swords and daggers
Scout Armor - adds a set of armor and weapons
Coolect Jars - adds collectable items in cans, bottles and tanks, they can beat the house
Combat Tunic - adds a new armor
Regent Armory - adds a set of weapons
Warchief Armor - adds a new armor
Vagabond Armor - adds a new armor
Redguard Knight Armor - adds a new armor
Vanguard Armor - adds a new armor
Dragonhide Robes - adds a new robe
Lore Friendly Armor - adds a new armor
Fur Hoods HD - adds new fur hood
Einherjar Armor - adds a new armor
Seadog Armor - adds a new armor
Lore Friendly Armor Pack - adds a new set of armor
Bows of the Third Era - adds a set of new bows
Archery Pro Bow Adds a set of new bows
Eternal Shine - adds a new armor
Silver Dragon Armor - adds a new armor
Silver Bow and Arrows - adds a new bow and arrow
Lion Heart Halberd - adds a new halberd
Nordic Hunter Light Armor - adds a new armor
Shortswords for Skyrim - adds a short swords
Winterscale Armor - adds a new armor
Nordic Conqueror Armor - adds a new armor
Wandering Sorceress - adds new clothes
Heroic Stormcloak Armor - adds a new armor
Van Helsing Crossbow - adds a new crossbow
Ranger Hoods - adds new hoods
Dragon Knight Armor - adds a new armor
Battlemage Armor - adds a new robe
Stormcloack Robes - adds a new robe

The standard weapons and armor in HD
Bornagain Skyrim Steel Armor - replaces the texture of steel armor HD model
The Dark Brotherhood Armor TS Edition - replaces armor texture Dark Brotherhood HD model
Better Circlets HQ - replaces the texture hoops HD models
Hvergelmirs Armor Retexture - replaces the texture of fur and iron armor HD models
InStyle Organic Falmer Armor and Weapons HD - replaces the texture falmerskoy armor and weapons HD models
Heavy Falmer Armor HQ - replaces the texture of heavy armor falmerskoy HD model
Beautiful Skyrim HD Armour and Shields - replaces the texture of some boards, and Daedric armor ebony HD models
Hvergelmirs Shield Retexture - replaces the texture of almost all billboards in the game HD models
HD Dovahkiin Armor - replaces the texture riveted armor HD model
Better Circlets HQ - replaces the texture hoops HD models
Unique Shapes for Unique Weapons - replaces the HD texture unique weapon models
Insanitys Dragonbane - replaces the texture Dragon Sword Beach on his own, unique model (model previously used the sword Blades)
AjuntaPall316s Glass Weapons - replaces the texture of the glass weapons more realistic model
Jewels of the Nord - replaces the texture rings and necklaces HD models
Weapon Retexture Project - replaces the texture almost all weapons HD models
Improved NPC Clothing - replaces the texture of almost all HD models clothes
NPC Clothing Retexture - replaces the texture of a garment HD models
NPC Clothing Retexture + - replaces the texture of the wedding dresses and apparel Redguard HD models
Steel Plate Armor - replaces the texture of steel plate armor HD model
HD Blade Armor - replaces the texture armor Blades HD model
Elegant Vampire Armor - replaces the texture vampire armor HD model
HD Armor Dawnguard - replaces the texture Guardians Sunrises HD model
HD Crossbow - replaces the texture and Dwarven steel crossbow HD models
HD Leather Armor - replaces the texture of leather armor HD model
HD Booms - replaces the texture orc and elf arrows HD models
Psychosteves DragonPriest Masks - replaces the priests dragon masks HD models
Not Really HD Mask of Clavicus Vile - replaces the texture mask Clavicus Weil HD model
Azura's Star Retexture - replaces the texture of the star Azura HD model
Auriels Shield Retexture - replaces the texture shield Auriel HD model
Hi-Res Ancient Nord Armor - replaces the texture of ancient armor nordskoy HD model
Nightingale Prime Armor - replaces the texture nightingale armor HD model
Deadly Serious Shrouded Armor - armor replaces the texture of Shadows HD model
aMidianBorn Dwarven Armor - replaces the texture Dwemer armor HD model
Elven Weapons for Silence - replaces the texture Elven weapons HD models

Features Repack

Do not recoded (video and audio quality 100%)
Exclusive installer: Installation of 10 min., Beautiful design, built-in music
Cut Bethesda logo when the game starts
Game Version
Crack is already integrated
Installation of the required software: DirectX / NET Framework / Visual C ++
Assembling mods MegaMod's Edition Pack
INI settings were rewritten from scratch improved optimization
Mods are placed in the correct order program BOSS Skyrim
Textures optimizovany Program Optimizer Textures without losing image quality
Changes made in the software mods TESV Edit
Dawnguard DLC
Official Russian voice of 1C
Softonic text from v1.6

Hearthfire DLC
Crack texture from v1.2

The assembly does not have:
Cartoon and anime mods
Texture low quality
Untranslated plugins
Items and bonuses in violation of the overall balance of the game
Ugly weapons and armor
Conflicts and bugs related to the modes
Mods spoil the atmosphere of the game
Mods irrelevant version

By assembling - Arond

Install and run

1. Run setup.exe, and follow the prompts for installation. Install the game.
2. After successful installation, start launcher - Files and click OK.
2.1. If you click an inactive files, then click the Install button, it may take one second and it will become active.
3. Set up the schedule in the Preferences. Close the launcher.
5. The game has always run through a shortcut Skyrim (SKSE).

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim & Dawnguard & Hearthfire + MegaMod's Edition Pack (2012 / PC / Repack / Rus | Eng) From Arond

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim & Dawnguard & Hearthfire + MegaMod's Edition Pack (2012 / PC / Repack / Rus | Eng) From Arond

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim & Dawnguard & Hearthfire + MegaMod's Edition Pack (2012 / PC / Repack / Rus | Eng) From Arond

Download The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim & Dawnguard & Hearthfire + MegaMod's Edition Pack (2012 / PC / Repack / Rus | Eng) From Arond torrent: