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Genre: RPG
Official website:

Developer: Bethesda Game Studios
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Release from: mindw0rk / gmax007
Language: Multilingual, English
Language: Multilingual, English
Version: 1.1
Publication Type: Repack

System requirements:
Processor: Core 2 Duo - 2.0 GHz / Quad Core or analogs from AMD
Sound: DirectX 9.0 compatible
System: Windows 7/8 / 8.1 x64
Memory: 5120 MB
Video: Geforce GTX650 level or higher with 2048 Mb / Radeon r9 level 270 or higher with 2048 Mb
Hard Drive: 50 GB


Perhaps the most ambitious build for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Work on the Journey began in the summer of 2013, it has gone through several stages of beta testing, and the final form of acquired in April 2015.
Build exclusively Lore friendly and improves the game in all aspects: graphics, sound, gameplay, difficulty, variety, rolepley.
For visuals meet dozens of mods, carefully selected and configured ENB, and more than 24 thousand new textures, hand-selected from a variety of texture packs. Almost all the textures in the game have been improved, and at the same time enabled the volume effect parallax.
Journey has its own unique soundtrack composed by the author, that you will not find anywhere else. Sounds were radically reworked, so it is recommended to play good headphones.
You will enjoy the diversity in everything: hundreds of new weapons and armor, a huge number of new creatures and monsters, a world teeming with life.
They have been changed and improved all the cities and villages. Many shops and taverns got their own unique design.
NPC now look much more realistic. Considerable time and effort was invested to make each character unique.
With Journey Skyrim has to rolepleyu more, because now you have time to quench their thirst, hunger, and take care of the rest. You will find hundreds of NPC, which offer interesting dialogues and quests, and some will become your faithful companions.
In the assembly built large DLC fashion: Falskaar, Wyrmstooth, Moonpath to Elsweyr, Wheels of Lull, each of which offers more than 10 hours pass.
Just Journey makes the game much more difficult. The enemies are stronger, disabled avtoregen health, no starting spells, traps, deadly, carrying weight is limited, and built-in permadesa make each death seriously.
The total number reaches 450 mods.

The game is fully balanced by the complexity of the Adept, so always start on it. Approximately 30 to raise the difficulty level is recommended by one.
The Journey was created as a hardcore assembly.In it more difficult opponents, the number of potions, poisons, arrows and master keys is limited, health regen automatically completely disconnected, you need to take care of eating, resting and warming, flowmuch lower. In addition to this the game has permades. You can die and then the character is lost forever, as it will block all the saves.But at the same time it's not Dead is Dead where every death is fatal. The player is given two bonus at the beginning of life. After receiving the fatal blow with a bonus life instead of death, the hero falls to the knee and losing one-third of the available
carrying gold. Then health filled to 100%, and it can continue without reload.
If you spend BOTH bonus life, and the third - fatal and there is already coming Game Over. So do not let the death of the third row! Compensate for bonus life can sleep in a bed about 7 hours.
Check the number of available lives can be, if you type in the console bat t. It is also important to know that freezing and death from hunger / thirst bonus life do not apply. If you die in this way, death is irreversible.
Sometimes, when you drove into a state of bleedout (dealt a fatal blow), the monsters do not go away, because of which there is a risk of being killed again. In this case, help potions Skooma, who now work differently.
After drinking skooma, you get acceleration for 15 seconds with mega stamina regen. So it's easy to run out of the danger zone. But skooma have side effects - following 42 seconds stamina will be held at zero.
Use drugs wisely. Also, if you have a partner with you, the monsters will likely switch to it.

Features of release:
This distribution is Russification assembly Skyrim: The Journey of the author mindw0rk, for which he had immense gratitude.
With the localization of possible translation was taken from the Russian versions of the mods are present in the assembly. Some of the fashion / part mods were translated from scratch.For help with the translation of books I want to thank the user mik-29 - I sped up the process of my work.Due to the large volume assembly, short term Russification, as well as differences in modes of Russian / patches were not translated some of fashion (usually, adding individual objects - the house, NPC, the quest and the like), as well as translation errors may occur and inaccuracies.
Also unlike the original, in which all of the standard message loading screens have been replaced by messages from the fashion Uncle Sheogorath, in this version they have become again the same as their transfernot planned, and in my opinion they do not fit into the game. In addition, some posts were replaced with themed quotes from the books in the series TES, screensavers prompts (some of which may no longer relevant due to the modification of gameplay) will not only lore.
All were transferred mcm-menu, in some modes, the names of the menu items were in English ("settings", "general", etc.) - it was done for compatibility with old savegames.
In addition, all resources have been unpacked and re-optimized all the textures.Pack resources BSA did not, as it seemed to me Unwrap a little higher performance (at least the brakes just do not anymore). In this regard, a lot of controversy. In this version, so be it, play - try.
Also, in addition to the translation has been updated a few mods that should not cause problems.
In the assembly added some useful programs:Wrye Bash - for control modes (optional assembly involves the ability to disable certain mods), Skyrim Configurator - allows you to control fine-tuning the timetable setini-file (everyone can afford to try to reduce some of the characteristics to improve performance), as well as TES5Edit and CreationKit.
It was added a couple of gameplay mods (optional). About them in detail below.
The selection of these add-ons mode permadeath, variants of textures (compressed and uncompressed), and voice (English and Russian) is present in the installer.
The assembly took the form of "repack" and no longer requires the installation of the original game and manual copying of files
This distribution will grow, translations will be supplemented, corrected, fashion - updated, corrected, etc. Your bug reports play, errors and inaccuracies translation, etc. - A catalyst for the development of the assembly. Please send them to or post in the comments.

Keyboard shortcuts:
C - check the condition of the air temperature and the body (exposure). Reducing% Exposure tantamount to freezing and imposes heavy character debuffs.When it reaches -100%, the character will die and load the save game with him, you will not be able. So be sure to take care of warming and regularly through state when traveling in snowy locations.

X - to verify the need for food, water and sleep. As freezing, starvation, exhaustion and thirst impose debuffs, so do not forget to eat and relax in the taverns. To die from lack of food and water is also possible.

V - call menu of survival, where you can spread out the tent, cut wood, spread the fire and perform other functions, without which in the harsh climate of Skyrim can not do.

B - a drink of water from the source. Not all the water is clear, therefore, sipping from a river, you run the risk of catching the disease.

H - Enable / disable the display of the helmet. In the off state, he still wears and provides protection, but does not appear on the character.

N - disable / enable the passage of time while crafting. Use only hotkey to use pot for cooking food as well as some kinds of food spending too much time and time spent for combining potions. After exiting from the pot, turn the mode again.

Q: Why do not work fast travel?
A: They are specifically disabled in this build. In Vanilla you move through the map on foot almost nothing ever happened, but Journey - a completely different game.You will always meet something interesting, find new places and secrets, meet new NPC which can be a long time to conduct dialogues, bump into random events.Get used to play without FT, now this is interesting. If you strongly want to shorten the way - buy a ticket in the wagon now route became much more (although the price of travel has increased). Or buy a horse, they are much faster Journey.

Q: Why SkyRe, instead Perkus Maximus?
A: SkyRe went through a lot of tests, has more compatibility patches and generally suits me. Requiem I did not even consider because I think it is too dizbalansnym.

Q: Can add to the assembly of its mods?
A: You can put the assembly of its plug-ins, but I highly recommend NOT to get involved in this.Building on the current state of the engine to the limit and any new fashion can dramatically degrade stability. Only add something without which you can not live, and put them in the order list before MERGED_LAST.esp

Q: How to change the font interface
A: Open the file Datainterfacefontconfig.txt. There's all written in Russian, and the possible options for fonts. Font console is better not to change, there are some problems with the Cyrillic alphabet in the console

Q: Add this mod in the assembly, and the daring. And hurry! When you update the assembly?
A: Please do not write these messages. They're not speed up the update and add / remove the assembly mode, but only littering issue.

Q: How to disable permades? I want to go through the game and not worry about losing your character !!
A: Built-mode dead is dead makes a much more serious attitude to death, which significantly increases the thrill.Therefore, I recommend to try to start the proposed version, you may like it more than you expected. But I understand that not everyone fits this hardcore game.Disable You can delete files Dead_is_Dead.esp. In this case, you will still lose the gold death, which will balance the economy, but the third death block saves and load the last save game.

FAQ on the performance:
Q: The game is loaded 2 minutes !!!
A: In the assembly of a huge amount of mods and new textures, so the load on the HDD will be long. I recommend to buy a SSD and install it Skyrim. This will speed up the work of not only The Journey, but also for all games and programs. For comparison, in my SSD loading is about 10 seconds.

Q: The game podtarmazhivaet when the calling tree perks.
A: Known bug that I was able to improve, but very clean with so many mods failed. Sin on the script lag.

Q: I have a good FPS, but the motion, the picture is choppy.
A: Try to put a limit on the maximum FPS (for example ... 30, 35, 40 ...). If you have a graphics card from Nvidia, this can be done in the program Nvidia Inspector.For AMD graphics cards can use the Radeon Pro (do not give a guarantee that will limit the FPS, works through time). Alternatively, you can install other specialized programs.

Q: How to improve FPS, increase productivity
A: Use a lightweight set of mods, compressed textures. Update your hardware. Use SSD drive.

Installation and startup:
Be sure to turn off the parameters video card (if it is forced) AA and AF, as the ENB uses its smoothing.

Run the file Journey Setup.exe

Install the game by customizing the installation options for the steps in the installer:
Options textures:
Uncompressed - the original textures (performance -)
Compressed - texture units with a resolution of 1024 (+ performance)

Options Voice:
Russian (where it exists, in particular, the original game)
English (virtually - Fixed)

Options set of mods:
Overall - a complete set of (productivity -)
Lite - a complete set, which is off about 20 mods that
It does not affect the gameplay, but their removal relieves the engine. (productivity +)

If you have a resolution other than 1360x768, open / My Documents / My Games / Skyrim / SkyrimPrefs.ini and put down the desired values ​​in iSize H and iSize W. If the game is run in the same place will expose value bFull Screen = 0

The game is ready to launch a shortcut on the desktop or Skyrim The Journey Repack.exe in the game folder. The game run as administrator, and also all the accompanying program.

Do not start playing when you click "New Game"! In this case, a large number of important mods are disabled, and the rest - are not correctly configured.Use the initial save game "Ragnar", which I have included in the assembly. After loading saves, you will appear in a prison cell with a statue.Press Z and you will customize the menu where you can choose the name, race, gender and appearance of your character. When you're done, go and click on the statue to select the initial start.If you want to start with a standard in Helgene - click on the "I was caught illegally crossing the border." After choosing, take a nap on a cot, and the game will start.

For those who will start the game with old savegames might would not see all the menu mcm-mods. To prevent advise involves typing setStage SKI_ConfigManagerInstance 1

Also, those who will play (or pass on the game) without permadeath, may want to set up one-time death, the number of lives as the original and remove the loss of gold. This is done in a fashion skytweak settings in the "Scripts" (bleeding, the number of lives and the loss of gold)

The list of mods, non-lite set

Additions from gmax007:
JBS_banking_redux - gives gold coins weight (1000 gold weighs 1.5 Skyrim
kilograms), and adds the banking system with the various operations
(moneylenders at night are in the taverns, and in the afternoon - in the homes of yarlov)
SkyRe_Combat - is edited by the original mod (adds character to the slowdown
Depending on wearing heavy armor, as well as waste stamina by pulling the bowstring)
These modes can be switched off and after the installation, remove the corresponding checkmark in Wrye Bash

Almost complete list of mods and texture without separate patches with links to the original:
Abandoned Telvanni Player House

Additional Vanilla NPC Follower Voice Types

Aela Sylvan Makeover Standalone

Alchemy and Food Balanced Overhaul

Altars and Amulets Redone

Alternate Start - Live Another Life

AmidianBorn Book of Silence

AmidianBorn Whiterun

Animallica - Skyrim Wildlife Overhaul

Animated Weapon Enhants

Animated Clutter


ApachiiSkyHair Natural Retexture

Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim

Appropriately Attired Housecarls

Ash Rocks

Audio Overhaul for Skyrim 2

Auto Unequip Ammo

Autumn Cabin


Belko's House

Bellyaches Animal and Creature Pack

Better Dynamic Snow

Better Vampires

Better Riften

Better Fast Travel - Carriages and Ships - Overhauled

Better Magic

Better Males

Better Skill and Quest Book Names

Better Stronger and More Effective - Deadly Poisons

Better Stealth AI For Followers

Bijin Warmaidens

Bijin Wives

Black Horse Courier Reborn

Blacksmith Water Fix

Book Covers Skyrim

Book Covers Skyrim - Lost Library

Breezehome TNF - Elianora's Flavour

Brighter Campfires - 1.5x


BTRH Waifu

BVFE Serana and Family

Buyable Paintings and Pictures

Caranthir Tower

Cattle Herd

Cloaks of Skyrim

Clothing and Clutter Fixes

Collect Water from Wells - RND Compatible

Common Clothes

Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade

Consistent Older People

Convenient Horses

Cooking Expanded


Crafting 300 - Armoury of Tamriel (weapons only)

Crafting Linen Wraps

Cutting Room Floor

Dawn of Solitude

Dead is Dead

Deadly Combat

Deadly Dragons

Demonized UNP female body

Disable Basic Health Regen

Dogs of Skyrim

Dogs of Skyrim - Remove Good Dog Dialogue

Do not Steal My Crops

Dragon Combat Overhaul

Dual Sheath Redux

Dynamic Loot

Enhanced Skyrim: Bee Farm

Enhanced Lighting for ENB (ELE)

Eli's Shack


Enhanced Blood Textures

Enhanced Lights and FX


Expanded Towns and Cities

Expanded Skyrim Weather

Expanded Winterhold Ruins

Expensive Investments

Expensive Training

Extensible Follower Framework

Extended Encounters

Extra Encounters - Dragonborn

Faction: Pit Fighter

Faction: Pit Fighter Travels Add-on


Follower Commentary Overhaul

Follower Trap Safety


Forgotten Magic Redone

Friends of Dovahkiin by Netherwalk

Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival

Fuz Ro D-oh - Silent Voice

Ghosus Weapon Pack

Guard Dialogue Overhaul

Guard Torch Remover

Height Adjusted Races with True Giants

Heljarchen Farm

Helmet Toggle - Show Hide

Hidden Hideouts of Skyrim

Hidden Hideouts of Skyrim - City Edition

High Level Enemies

Higher Bounties - Hold Specific

Hilltop House

Hold Border Banners

Hunters Cabin of Riverwood

Hunting in Skyrim - A Hunting Guild

Immersive Animations

Immersive Armors

Immersive College of Winterhold

Immersive Dawnguard Dayspring Pass

Immersive HUD

Immersive Orc Strongholds

Immersive Patrols - No Battles

Immersive Sounds - Aural Assortment

Immersive Soulgems

Immersive Spells and Light

Immersive Weapons

Improved Closefaced Helmets

Improved Sneak Detection

Improved Weapon Impact Effect

Improved Wetness and Puddles

Inconsequential NPCs


Inhabitants of Skyrim - Character Presets

Inhabitants of Skyrim - NPC Overhaul

Interesting NPCs

Interior and Dungeon Fog Remover


JK Markarth

JK Solitude

JK Whiterun

JK Windhelm

Konahriks Accountrements - Dragon Priest Armory

Langley Texture Workshop

LeanWolf's Better-Shaped Weapons

Lightning During Thunder Storms

Living Takes Time

Loadscreen Extensions

Lock Overhaul

Lore-Based Loading Screens

Lore Weapon Expansion

Lost Grimoire of Skyrim

Magicka and Stamina Combat Regeneration

Males of Skyrim

Markarth Reach Environment Upgrade

Meeko and Vigilance are Huskies

Merge Plugins xEdit

MFG Console

Moonlight Tales - Werewolf and Werebear Overhaul

Moonpath to Elsweyr

Monster Mod

More Believable Carrying Weight

More Interesting Loot for Skyrim

Move It Dammit

No Combat Boundaries

No Fishing

No Starting Spells

No More Glowing Edges Mod

No Poison Dialogues

No Psychic Lock Knowledge

No Snow Under the Roof

No Spinning Death Animation

NPCs and Horses

NPC Smarter Water AI

OBIS - Organized Bandits in Skyrim

Ogmunds Tomb

Organized Books

Personalized Music

Piratelords Loot Adjustments

Places: Amber Guard

Places: Granitehall

Potion Combiner

Prince and The Pauper

Pure Waters

Quest: And The Realms of Daedra

Quest: No Mercy

Quest: Sea of ​​Ghosts

Quest: Sorcery

Quest: The Bigger They Are

Quest Rewards



Real Wildlife - Skyrim

Realistic Boat Bobbing

Realistic Humanoid Movement Speed

Realistic Husky Sounds

Realistic Needs and Diseases

Realistic Ragdoll Force - Realistic

Realistic Room Rental - Basic Enhanced

Reaper's Witchwood Forest and Cabin

Reduced Distance NPC Greetings

Revamped Exterior Fog

Revenge of The Enemies

RS Children Overhaul

Ruins Clutter Improved


Safety Load


Serenity - Player House Ship

Simple Magic Rebalance

SKSE 1.7.1

SKSE - Elys - AltF4

SkyFalls and SkyMills

Skyrim Bridges

Skyrim Distance Overhaul

Skyrim - Enhanced Camera

Skyrim Flora Overhaul

Skyrim Immersive Creatures

Skyrim HD - 2K Textures

Skyrim Misc Patches Collection - SMPC

Skyrim Radioactive

Skyrim Realistic Overhaul

Skyrim Shadow Striping Fix

SkyTest - Realistic Animals and Predators



Snowbound Acres

Solstheim Dungeon Pack

Solstheim Extended - Tel Mithryn

Solstheim - The Lost Levels

SSME - Skyrim Startup Memory Editor

Stranger Danger - Children Can Be Pick-pocketed and Killed

Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM

Stoop Over Markarth

SUM - SkyProc Unified Manager

T3nd0s Skyrim Redone

T3nd0s The Staff Machine

TES Arena Nimalten

The Bosmeric Drunken Huntsman 2.0

The Companions by Netherwalk

The Eyes of Beauty

The Hirelings by Netherwalk

The Real Warmaidens

The Scottish Bannered Mare

The Wheels of Lull

Tougher Traps

Trade and Barter

Tranquility ENB

Traps Make Noise

Travellers of Skyrim + Dragonborn add-on


True Storms - Thunder and Rain Redone

Two Rings

Ultimate HD Fire Effects

Unique Border Gates

Unique Grasses

Unique Uniques

Unofficial Skyrim Patch

Unofficial Dawnguard Patch

Unofficial Hearthfire Patch

Unofficial Dragonborn Patch

Unofficial Enhanced Lights and ELFX SMIM ENB Performance Patch

Various Guard Outfits

Vivid Landscapes - Dungeons and Ruins


Warmonger Armory

Water Plants + Zerwas Retexture

Wearable Lanterns

WEBS Extended

Weapons and Armor Fixes Remade

Wet and Cold

Wet and Cold - Ashes


You Hunger - Hardcore

XP32 Maximum Skeleton -XPMS

Future plans:
Actually, the top up / correct translation of untranslated mods
Finish "book" themed messages on the boot screen
Think about performance and FPS
Think about known bugs (such as lighting and do not display the Cyrillic alphabet in the names of the companions at ispollzovanii EFF)
Throw out the remains of the assembly resources are left over from deleted / replaced mod author for the creation of an assembly. Thereby reducing the size of the distribution and the established game.
If the distribution change dramatically and will spread not only to patch (or no patch) may add pictures in the installer.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - The Journey (v.1.1) (2015) PC | RePack From gmax007

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - The Journey (v.1.1) (2015) PC | RePack From gmax007

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - The Journey (v.1.1) (2015) PC | RePack From gmax007

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