SUNLESS SEA (2015) (ENG) (P) download torrent

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Developer: Failbetter Games
Published: Failbetter Games
Year: 2015
Publication Type: pirates [P]
Language: ENG + russifiers
Sound language: ENG


Sunless Sea - a great game of exploration and survival in a strange world where not exposed to the rays of sunlight, mysticism and science are linked together. You will manage a small steamer, many armed with guns, and brave, but very motley crew.
The Sunless Sea you will have to wait a lot of dangers: creepy monsters inhabit local waters, treacherous pirates, do not forget about the whimsical nature, and of course, your team.Each of your crew members have their own dark history in the past, and making decisions you should evaluate the possible effects, even if not the most obvious. The case may go before the rebellion, and to eating other members of the team, if it is really bad with provisions.
You are the captain, and from each of your decision depends not only your destiny!


* Deep, impenetrable world includes 200,000 + text stories and secrets. Find the bones of his father. Determine the fate of London. Drop challenge the gods of the deep sea.
* A beautiful, hand-drawn art - sparkling ice castles, prison perched on lily pads, covered by fog lighthouses and mechanisms dawn.
* Your captain will die. But you can transfer resources from one generation to the next. Get a family house and a stock of family heirlooms. Create your own history through the generations of sailors who survived the sea and lost - or won ...
* Fight in real time against ships and Zee-animal glorious dreadnoughts and reasonable icebergs.
* Light and darkness, horror and madness: stray too far from the gas lamps of civilization and your team will increase fear and it will eventually lose his sanity.
* Upgrade your ship with powerful engines, artillery and air torpedoes. (Or buy a bigger, better boat.)
* Hire a unique officials visiting the doctor and irrepressible gunner. Each has its own history in the conversation, if you can make one of them.
* Select mascot vessel: Comatose ferret Unhappy Pussy, Elegiac Kakadu, and more!
* Trade or smuggle silk and shower, wine from hallucinogenic mushrooms and honey.
* Immerse yourself in the indescribable atmosphere of Lovecraft during the Victorian era!

Installing the game

1. Run the downloaded file and install the game
2. Run the file Sunless Sea.exe

SUNLESS SEA (2015) (ENG) (P)

SUNLESS SEA (2015) (ENG) (P)

SUNLESS SEA (2015) (ENG) (P)

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