Celestian Tales: Old North (2015) (ENG) (L) by GOG Torrent

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Genre: RPG (Japanese-style)
Developer: Ekuator Games
Publisher: Digital Tribe
Platform: PC
Publication Type / localization: License GOG
Language: English
Language: English
Crack: DRM-Free
System requirements:
■ Operating system: Windows® 7 or later
■ Processor: Intel Core i3 2.1 GHz or AMD equivalent
■ Memory: 2 GB
■ Video Card: Intel HD 4000
■ Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
■ Free space on hard disk: 1 GB

Celestian Tales: Old North - Japanese role-playing game with a blurred line between good and zlom.Obychnye people simple problems ... and war. The war that close.War relentless, does not distinguish between good and evil, soldiers and civilians. The war, in which there is no right or wrong, is not worthy of victory or defeat worth.Game Celestian Tales: Old North tells the story of men and women who have become hostages of arrogance, ambition and jealousy of his wayward governors.Celestian Tales: Old North plunges into the big beautiful world of Japanese role-playing game, where there is no place of glory, a feat elected saviors and destiny.In the center of the story - the six characters whose future are united only by the war and the circumstances. You will spend them through the dangers and battles - from childhood to maturity. The consequences of their decisions will be reflected in the world around them, and they just will not.
The player will be available 6 playable characters, who see the events from their perspective.It must be noted that the intrigues and the application developers that no characters are not elected, the world does not threaten the apocalypse, but the coming war will cause each of them to solve moral dilemmasthat will affect their lives tomorrow. If you like the J-RPG-game, with the incremental battles and nice art, it is worth trying this project.

■ Six playable characters offering you a different gaming experience. Each of them has its own personality, fighting style, gear, biography, cutscene and solutions that you can do in the game.
■ Multiple endings for each of the characters, the total number of which reaches fifteen - they will be the result of your decisions.
■ More than 20 hours of gameplay for each of the characters.
■ well-researched fantasy setting, which is closely associated with the history of the main characters.
■ A fascinating story, unfolding for over 30 years. Observe how your characters grow and mature.
■ Exciting, dynamic battles. Hide from enemies, learn their habits, avoid or destroy them - it all depends on your style of play.
■ The classic turn-based combat system with advanced tactical possibilities.
■ mini-games, quests and additional study of the game world will give you a sense of role-playing games "old school".

■ Run setup_celestian_tales_old_north_2.0.0.2.exe, install it games
■ Play

Celestian Tales: Old North (2015) (ENG) (L) by GOG

Celestian Tales: Old North (2015) (ENG) (L) by GOG

Celestian Tales: Old North (2015) (ENG) (L) by GOG

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