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Adventure online game in full 3D. "Soul" - a three-dimensional network game in which you are waiting for a tense battle and mysterious dungeons and characters rendered with love and skill.Because at its core is a fighting game, players expect a dynamic and spectacular battles. And that is very important for online games - the process of character development brings joy and pleasure.

Combo attacks without stopping!

Unique combo attacks, never previously met in online gaming! Create your own spectacular combo attacks in "Soul."

A world where magic and technology meet!

In "Soul" Civilization cars since time immemorial there with the world of magic. A fascinating story of the game and will reveal bright and dark sides of the gaming universe.

Year: 2011
Genre: Slasher, RPG
Developer: GamePrix
Publisher: Outspark
Language: Multilingual
Platform: PC

System requirements:
Windows XP / Window Vista / Windows 7
Pentium IV 2,4 GHz
Nvidia Geforce FX 5700, ATI Radeon 9800
2 GB of free disk space

- Dynamic gameplay and colorful adventure
- In the "Soul," you expect spectacular battles in which you will use the 5 main action (movement, jump, leap, gravity and flight), and colorful techniques, such as the attack on the ground, in the air capture, repulsion, throws and strikes about ground.
- All of these can be controlled with the arrow keys and directions A, S, D and F!
- Tactical battle and many combinations
- We have moved combo attacks that you met earlier only in fighting games on game consoles in a network game. Thus, in "Soul" is waiting for you a tactical battle where you have to combine different techniques - attacks, jumping, captures and blocks.
- In different situations, players must act differently, and battle management from the keyboard allows you to quickly respond to changing conditions and to monitor the progress of each battle.
- Thrilling battles with giant monsters
- Artificial intelligence boss monsters in the "Soul" allows them to attack a variety of ways, so that players feel the tension and interest, uncharacteristic for other games. A variety of skills and the use of giant monsters attacking expand your tactical abilities in battle.
- Development of the plot - in console game
- The storyline of "Soul" is organically intertwined with the gameplay. As the assignments you will appreciate a large number of options for the development of history, which adds interest and provide a deeper dive into the gaming world.

Install the game does not need it!
1. Create a folder.
2. Download the
3. Open DSLauncher.exe (located in the folder where you downloaded the files pushed)
4. Registration: soul.gamexp.ru
4. Play!

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