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By way of introduction.

In fact, this project is a new incarnation of Fashion The Dark Saga (project Gotivion) ​​Comrades of the team.

The project was conceived as an independent plot at the junction of T2 and T3. The engine was selected T3, but due to the lack modkita development, it was decided to conduct on the engine of Oblivion.In 2007, it was prepared and released a small techno-demo mode, which included only a small beginning of the story. After that, the project was abandoned for several reasons.The scenario at that time was written by 90%. Throw in a bucket of half a year of work on it was a great pity, so it was decided to make another attempt, but this time by the other people, but rather some of the team members MAGIC Team, and already on the engine, T2.

The history of fashion.

Our fashion tells about the new heroes, Alastair and his friend Marieke. Both adventurers by nature adventurers.His idle life in Vengard they decided to diversify a great trip, the purpose of which was to find ancient treasures. I would not say that all of them will turn out as planned originally, but the adventures they get more than enough.

Here is a small excerpt from the diary of Alastair, tells about the beginning of the adventure:

For the first time the legend of the Black Sword, a powerful source of magic, I heard in the port tavern Vengard, capital Myrtana.We Marika told her drunken pirate, and we were not inclined to believe his story of the drunk, but then I heard about this weapon again and again from different people, and gradually I becameit is clear that such a sword really exists, but it is sent to search for him never to return.
This led to even more rumors and speculation. And once in our hands the card to the possible location of an ancient temple, which according to legend was buried Black sword and his former owner.Treasure hunters, like us, simply could not go on a quest. If I knew where I will lead this quest, I probably would have just burned the map, but the gods I charted a very different destiny ...

Alastair received a card is sent to the island, where the Temple of Skulls. But, dastardly pirates lured him into a trap.After a hasty battle and attempts to escape, he and Maric are captured and then they are sent into the mine, ruled by its harsh laws, and where everyone's life is worth no more than a few pieces of ore. Will they be able to escape from the trap and find the ancient sword we just know, having modification.

In fashion we are waiting for the big island, where the action will occur modification.

That as they say chroniclers:

This island is remarkable for its ancient culture and civilization of the rubble of the once great nation ferokiytsev.In addition, there still remain large deposits of magic ore that is needed as the paladins of the king, and warlike orcs.In the center of the island is the ancient Temple of Skulls, and nearby is the entrance to a huge mine, where under the supervision of the orcs work hundreds of slaves, mining the ore.Pirates, located on one of the beaches are busy just that prey on civilians Court, and those accidents that are captured are paid orcs gold coin and fall into slavery.

Remains ferokiytsev, hiding in the forests of the island in a secret camp. They left a little, but they are not broken and the souls of their lives hope to clear the invaders out of their home.

A bit dry figures.

The modification includes several separate locations:
- A three-level mine slaves;
- A large island;
- The dungeon of the ancient fort;
- Temple of the Skulls;
- A few small plot locations.

4 fractions with their line of quests, each of which can and should enter:
- Slaves;
- Orcs mercenaries;
- Hunters ferrokiytsy;
- Paladin;
- Pirates.

Implemented new monsters, animation, skills, etc.
The script is about 300str. the text includes more than 90 quests.
The average length of the passage of fashion with all quests is about 40 hours of real time.

Publication Type: mod
Genre: RPG
Developer: MAGIC-Team | SAGA-Team
Year: 2012
Platform: PC

Language: Russian
Multiplayer: No
Tablet: Not required

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