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A fantastic Venice came difficult times: the world is falling apart - the evil necromancer Victor eluded death. Now he pytaetaetsya come to the limitless power.Scarlet, who knows nothing about his existence, must learn to use their skills and become a mighty warrior, to hit the dark force that threatens to destroy the world of the living. In this game you are waiting for an epic world of adventure. And remember, be mortal in Venetica - a vocation.

Genre: RPG / 3D / 3rd Person
Developer: Deck13 Interactive
Publisher: DTP entertainment
Year: 2010
Region: PAL
Age: E - For all
Platform: XBOX360
Firmware: iXtreme Compatible
Language: RUS
Transfer type: the text + sound

- Unique, exciting atmosphere and production. Enjoy visually beautiful Action-RPG in the dark in Venice.
- Impressive fights against the enemies. Struggles with huge and powerful enemies, wolves, orcs and Chupacabra.
- Explore the palaces, houses, dark alleys and catacombs.
- Travel between the worlds of the living and the world of the dead.
- Impressive freedom. The ability to move in different places open game world.

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