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World of Dragons - free multiplayer role-playing game is a three-dimensional (MMORPG), in which the main emphasis is on the air battles in the Dragon and the eternal confrontation between the two factions! Discover the magical world divided into two parts, an endless war of ancient Gods - Dragon!

- Flying on a dragon. Ride your dragon and take to the skies! Horse riding on the dragon, you can travel the vast world and perform complex tasks!
- Battles in the air. Defeat your enemies and dangerous monsters in the air! Learn and use the special skills of your Dragon for air battles!
- The system of mounts. Choosing mount, you can train it and take part in the development of his martial skills. Most importantly, in order to acquire a mount that you can near the beginning of the game.
- Territorial War. Take part in the battles of players - "regional wars" and help a dragon patron of your faction to prevail.
- Eternal confrontation. Put all your skills to the service or Azurianu Fireanu and help you to gain supremacy in the divinity of the eternal confrontation.
- An extensive system of classes. Choose one of the four available character classes. Once you master the game, you can develop your character class at the most convenient for you expertise!
- Developed system of crafts. The game has an excellent selection of crafts and crafting! Collect ore, wood and precious stones, and then use them to create armor, weapons and jewelry! All this is very useful to you in the game adventures.
- Magic Box. Even the most unnecessary items, you can create useful potions or scrolls that will be valuable to you during battle.
- Castle sieges. Take part in large-scale battles and seize castles, located on the continent Payrav.
- The system of Diablo. Defend your castle from the invasion of monsters!

Released: 2012
Genre: RPG (Role Playing) Online, Beta (betaversiya)
Developer: Mgame
Language: RUS
Sound language: RUS

System requirements:
OC: Win XP / Win 7
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Hard drive: 10 GB of free disk space
Graphics card: GEFORCE 7600GT 256MB

World of Dragons (2012)

World of Dragons (2012)

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