Need for Speed: ProStreet (2007) PC | RePack by R.G. Mechanics torrent download

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Genre: Arcade, Racing, 3D
Developer: EA Black Box
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Publication Type: Repack
Platform: PC
Language: RUS | ENG
Sound language: RUS | ENG

✔ Operating system: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
✔ Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz / AMD 2100+
✔ Memory: 512 MB
✔ Video: 128 MB DirectX 9 compatible
✔ Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX® 9.0
✔ Free space on hard disk: 7.5 GB

The most expensive machines from around the world, killing tuning, xenon light and unreal speeds - illegal races always attracted daredevils on the fastest masterpieces of the automobile industry.But culture and fashion are changing with time. Fans of quick drive came in light and stop hiding from police: new competitions are held officially on special routes in all parts of the world.Hobbies "golden youth" has become a separate sport with its rules, sponsors and champions. The new part of the famous racing series Need for Speed ​​varies after races.No need to hide from the authorities and risk in illegal races. Now the most dangerous enemy - not police, but cunning and swift opponents.They are aggressive and always ready to cut car opponent or to push it into the ditch, transformed into a shapeless heap of iron.Dawn immortals car is gone! Any four-horse can be smashed: salted and literally falling off all - hood, bumper, spoiler, roof, fenders, glass and even wheels. The ProStreet - not just another episode, this is - a new level of realism and entertainment, accessible to all!

"System damage teach caution. Avoid collisions with other cars and hit the concrete blocks, otherwise you risk turning chrome beauty into a heap of useless junk.Break, bruise or tear can be any detail. After each race will have to repair a car, choosing between the replacement of old parts or restoration - for new faces a lot of money.
"Modified system of tuning. The slightest change in the appearance of bolide impact on his behavior. Reducing the angle of inclination of the spoiler or bumper height affects the aerodynamic performance.The standard car can be turned into a rocket, to develop space velocity, but to cope with it will not be easy.
"Fine-tuning the engine. Motor paid no less attention than the external parts. It can be carefully set up, achieving the desired effect. From now on it is "filling" under the hood, not ostentatious delights, is the most important part of the car.
"Licensed fleet. You will meet a lot of cars from the most famous corporations. Among them, BMW M3, Mazda RX -7, Toyota Corolla GTS AE86 and Nissan GT-R Proto. The game models from two dozen well-known manufacturers.
"Best of schedule. Models are so similar to their real prototypes, that the line between game and life is melting before our eyes.Beautiful clouds, sky, spectacular sunsets and sunrises, the audience near the road, and clouds of thick smoke, escaping from under the wheels further enhance the sense of reality.

Features repack:
»Need for Speed: ProStreet

- Game Version - 1.1

- Do not recoded

- Cut attract-roller

- Ability to select the tablet

- Ability to download only the necessary voice acting (voices_ru.bin - Russian | voices_en.bin - English)

Need for Speed: ProStreet (2007) PC | RePack by R.G. Mechanics

Need for Speed: ProStreet (2007) PC | RePack by R.G. Mechanics

Need for Speed: ProStreet (2007) PC | RePack by R.G. Mechanics

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